Well everyone, this week was another for the books! Elder Grau and I have been working really hard together. This week we were able to work a lot with the Branch President and so it was really awesome to spend some time with him and get to know the area a little better. He is a convert of four years and a great guy! Everyone calls him the grandpa to the missionaries because he does so much for us. Last Monday after we wrote he made us something called the Cubana. It’s a sandwich with just a ton of meat! It’s so big!!!
We have been working a lot with less actives. This week we found a lady that hasn’t been to church for 15 years. She got after us a little because in all that time nobody has visited her. But we are friends now so don’t worry. Just make sure to do your home teaching and visiting teaching!
Well I hope everyone is doing great! I love and miss you all!!
Love Elder Cypers


Well this week was a good one here in Tecamachalco. The wind has been blowing like crazy all week and there are lots of roads that are just dirt so the air was full of dust and dirt all week long. I could feel it in my mouth when I would bite down.

This week was a little bit slower than it was a week ago but the work is coming along great. We are still finding people to teach and helping those that we are teaching to progress. On the 14 of July we have four baptisms so its going great here. We have a lot of help from the branch president and the relief society president as well. The branch president is super awesome. He always invites us to eat and brings a huge bag of fruit for us every Monday to eat during the week.
We found a family of five this week. They are the Romero Mendosa Familia and we listened to them and taught them the restauraci├│n and how families can be together forever. It was a really powerful lesson and they all each felt the spirit so I will keep you all updated on this family.
We had to go to Puebla this week and it’s a pretty far trip so it takes a lot of time. We had to go because my companion had a meeting for all the new missionaries so president could check up on them and see how they were doing and how they were adjusting to the mission. So every time we go to Puebla right next to the CAPU. Thats the bus station by the way, there is a place that sells things called cemitas. They are a sandwich type thing, anyways there is a place that a member owns and I was in her ward and she always gives us free food when we go to Puebla!
I also saw a scorpion this week so that was pretty cool as well.
Well I love you all! Hope all is well!
Love Elder Cypers

Tecamachalco Puebla

This week was such a good one here in Tecamachalco Puebla! Elder Grau and I have learned the area and have gotten to know the members and we really got to work hard this week. We have 5 baptisms coming up and each of them are progressing really great.
So this week was full of miracles. We put a baptism date this week with a nine year old girl. The coolest part of this is that we visited the mom who isn’t active in church but is member. She told us that the last time she went to church was 10 years ago and she hasn’t gone since because she doesn’t feel like she is good enough to go back. We had a lesson with her and it was really spiritual and we were able to commit her to come to church, and her daughter to be baptized. So after 10 years of not going to church she went this week and it was so cool to see her with her kids all together in church. Families are forever!!!
Also this week we were walking in the street and I saw someone that was a little far away from us sitting in a chair. I looked at her and kept on walking, then I received a clear impression from the spirit that said to me. If she doesn’t ever have to opportunity to hear the gospel, it will be your fault. Well I told my companion that we had to turn around and we went back and had a great lesson with her. She was crying and told us that it had been so long since she felt what she felt as she listened to us teach her.
I know the church is true and it’s a blessing to be working for the Lord. I love you all and hope that you have a great week!
Love Elder Cypers

Week One in the Promise Land

Well this area is really the promise land! ┬áThere are so many people to baptize here and that want to listen to the gospel. I’m in Tecamachalco and it’s a branch in the mission. For those of you that don’t know what a branch is, it’s like a ward but it’s too small to be a ward. There are about 35 that come each week to church. The church building is an old hospital and is really cramped inside but it’s awesome. We have been working here for one week and we will be having four baptisms in the next couple of weeks!

My new companion is doing great and we have been working really hard. He wants to learn english really bad so I’ve been teaching him as we walk in the street and a little bit during the language study we have each day. He is really good at saying that he is hungry! His feet have been hurting him a little from all of the walking so we have had to take it a little slow at times. Part of my area is literally a mountain and we have to climb up it to get to the people to teach. I’ll be sure to send pics of it next week.
This week it rained a ton and we got soaked at least three times from head to toe. My companion has been teasing me saying that all the bad stuff happens to me. I stepped in dog poop, got sunburned, sat in gum, and a puppy peed on me before we got to church! Despite all of that, I’m loving it here in Teca!
This week we will going to Puebla to listen to a Seventy that is coming to the mission to talk to us so it should be really good! I’ll let you know how it goes. I hope that you all are doing great! Talk to you soon! Love you all!
Love Elder Cypers

Tengo un hijo mio

Hey everyone! This week was a good one. I’m going to not write a ton because I have limited time today. I left the offices today, and for the last two changes of my mission I’m going to be training a new missionary that just got here today. His name is Elder Grau and I’m super excited to work with him. He is from Colombia so thats pretty cool.
We were really busy all week. We had a meeting with President where we did all the changes in the mission with companions and areas and stuff and it went really well. Also, we had leadership council this week. (my last one) and it went really well. Then we had to call everyone to tell them their new changes and that always takes a long time.
My new area is called Tecamachalco and it’s a branch. I’ve never been in a branch before but I’m excited because there are lot of people to baptize here. There hasn’t been missionaries here for a long time so I’m really excited. I have a goal of 15 baptisms here before I leave.
On Saturday some members made dinner for me to tell me goodbye. It was really nice of them.
Well I don’t have lots of time so I’ll write more next week! I love you all!!!
Elder Cypers

Priesthood and Broken Windows


Hello family and friends. I hope that you all had a great week. This week here in Puebla has been a really good one. I was able to go and do some interchanges with a few different missionaries this past week. I even got to go back to the first area that I trained in as a missionary and work with President. It was good and I was able to get outside of the city and back to the little towns for a little while.

My companion and I had the opportunity to be able to use the priesthood a lot this week and were able to see miracles. My testimony of the priesthood was strengthened as I was able to see the power of the priesthood. So we found some new investigators this week and they came to church with us. So during sacrament it was hard! It was hot in there and someone stole the microphone and so we could’t hear anything and there were babies crying in every part of the chapel. So there was one sister who her baby started to cry and she took him out and then came back in when he was calmed down a little and the baby is super little right… Like 1 month old and it started to cry again. But it was crying really hard like it was in pain and she took him out again and we could hear him crying like that for like 15 min and a few sisters were going out to see if she was ok and see if they could help her. Her husband was on the stand so he couldn’t really come down so we went out and we asked her if she wanted us to give her baby a blessing. It was sad because she is a brand new mom and its her first child and she was crying because she didn’t know what to do. So we went into a room and we gave the baby a blessing and she asked me to do it. We commanded whatever was making the baby be in pain to leave its body and then we ended the blessing and it stopped crying and fell asleep. It was a really cool experience and it made me think for when I will have my own kids. It was sad to see the baby like that because I put myself in the place of the mom and it made me think, but it was an experience really cool to see the power of the priesthood work as well.
So I will most likely be leaving the offices this change to go out to an area and finish my mission. I will miss it here in the offices and being with President but I’m excited to get back out and work in the field.
So this week we were next to our house working and I had to use the bathroom so we went to the house and as we were leaving my companion kicked a soccer ball and broke the window in our apartment. So now he is buying a new window. It was pretty funny!
Congrats to everyone that graduated. I miss you all and hope that you have a great week.
Love Elder Cypers

Break In

Well this week was a good one! To start off the week we had three zone conferences in a row one each day that we went to. Each of them went really well and I was able to learn some new things and to make others better. I hope that each of the missionaries were able to as well. On Wednesday when we went to set up in the church for the Zone conference we got there and the halls looked a little dirty. Until we turned on the lights, we didn’t realize that someone had broke-in the night before and destroyed stuff and robbed whatever they could from the church. The locks were broken and they had gotten inside the bishops office. They couldn’t open the door with the computers because the door has metal inside of it but they tried and then they just left it all a mess. So that was really weird to see, but nobody was hurt and so everything is ok!

Well on Saturday my companion and I had a baptism. We baptized our investigator that we have been working with, Ceasr. So he is 82 years old and so my companion was in the font baptizing him and for his age he wasn’t able to get down far enough to be baptized. So I hadn’t planned on getting in the font but we found another pair of white pants and was able to get in with my companion and have him lay down and we baptized him together. It was a cool experience and I’m grateful that I was able to be a part of it. My companion said to me after when we left the church that the experience that we had taught him the importance of baptism. It made me think and I was able to learn from him as well about the importance and the way that its done. The funny thing is that the pants were like two sizes to small so they were dang tight on me. My comp had to help me to do them up. And the other thing is, I didn’t plan on getting in so I had no change of shirt so when I put my other clothes on I just got all wet.
Thats all the exciting stuff that happened this week! I hope that you all have a great week! Congrats to my bro who graduated and all the others that did so as well! I love you all!
Love Elder Cypers
PS: I forgot the camera in the apartment so there will be no fotos today, so Ill make sure there are extra next week!