Not always the way we want, but he does listen!


So this week as a good one. This last Saturday we were able to baptize Dalia and Abril! It was such a huge miracle and a spiritual experience. So what happened is Abril had a ton of faith and told her dad that she was going to be baptized on Saturday because she knew it was true and wanted him to be there, but if he wasn’t there she was still going to be baptized. Then a day later the dad gave Dalia permission to be baptized with her sister. Both of their parents were able to attend as well. The spirit was way strong and they both are so happy! It’s because of all the prayers and fasts that happened on their behalf. Maybe it’s not the day that we wanted at first or the way we wanted it to happen but he answers because he listens.


I was able to go back and visit my first area today for P day and it was awesome to be able to see some of the people that I have worked with! I love the people of Mexico!
Well I love you all and I will see you soon!
Love Elder Cypers
PS Check out this bird, it looks like Donald Trump😂

Haciendo Tortillas (Making Tortillas)

Well I heard this week was a hard one for a lot of people… I have been thinking a lot about what happened and I’m forever grateful for the gospel, the Plan of Salvation and the atonement of Jesus Christ. As a member of this church I know that what happens here is not the end. I have the assurance of an eternal family and that the Plan of Salvation is real. I know that Jesus suffered for each of us, not only for our sins, but for our pains, both spiritual and physical. There is a talk by Jeffery R. Holland where he is talking to mission presidents and he says, “Presidents, if your missionaries permit it, the atonement will carry them..” The atonement carries us and he walks with us.

Well this week was a good one here. We were able to find a few new investigators and we received a new area where we will be working part of the week. It’s called Huacaltzingo. There are a lot of people there that are ready to receive the gospel and that have baptism dates. Keep praying for Dalia and Abril. They need it so that they can be baptized.
Also I learned how to make tortillas this week so I’ll send a few pictures of that!
Well I love you all! Until next week!
Love Elder Cypers

Strep Throat & Broken Windows (Again)

This week was a really good one. It’s weird to think that I’m in my last transfer but it doesn’t feel any different to me. So this week started off really well until Elder Grau got sick. We stayed home all day on Wednesday because he had a fever of 39.1 C. Im not sure what that means in America, I only know that is a lot here so he slept all day and I studied the Book of Mormon and found some cool stuff that I hadn’t noticed before and then I watched The Testaments and 17 Miracles and then ran out of stuff to do… But he is better now.

Dalia and Abril and doing great. We talked with them this week and they actually introduced us to their mom to teach so that was really cool. We talked with them and prayed and fasted and Dalia told us yesterday that she wants to be baptized on Saturday. So make sure that you keep them both in your prayers. Also keep Jack in your prayers. He is one of our investigators and has been in the hospital because his apendix burst.
Well I heard that the USA is in the final for the Copa de Oro (Gold Cup) so that’s sweet! Speaking of soccer we were getting ready to leave the apartment today and we were messing around with the soccer ball because we were going to play and Elder Grau turned into Messi and kicked the ball and broke the window so we had to replace that today. It was only 70 pesos to buy the glass and we got it all fixed up. Thats only like 3 dollars. I love México!
Well I hope you are all doing great and will talk to you soon!
Love Elder Cypers

Last Change

Well this week was a good one. The Elders that we live with got a call and they had transfers so my good pal Elder Dominguez had to go to another area so I’ll miss him! Elder Grau and I will be staying together for my last transfer. I will finish his training and then I’ll be headed out. We have a lot of work to do here in Tecamachalco and everything right now is going great.
This last Saturday we had a baptism. We were able to baptize Diana. Her mom is less active but has been coming back to church because of her daughter so that is really cool. We were really excited for that. Dalia and Abril weren’t able to be baptized this week but will be baptized soon. Make sure that you keep them in your prayers, they really need it right now, and it will help them more than you know. For the baptism we had to travel an hour away to the nearest baptismal font so that was a little crazy so be thankful for the church buildings that we are blessed with that are so close to home.
We also did some service this week for a graduación (graduation). It’s a little weird because here they celebrate when you finish Elementary, Jr High and High School. They throw huge parties for that. So we went to the house of an investigator and got rid of the weeds and cut the grass. We cut the grass with a shovel and a machete. I never thought I’d say this but I’m thankful for lawn mowers, as well as little brothers who work the lawn mowers;) hahah
I love you all! Stay safe! Until next week!
Love Elder Cypers



Well I hope that everyone had a great week! This week we were able to help Dalia and Abril get ready for their baptism interviews. They passed and this Saturday will be their baptism. We are really excited for them and their decision to be baptized. Along with them Diana will be baptized Saturday as well. The branch of Tecamachalco in total will have 6 baptisms on Saturday. Three are from the other missionaries in the branch. We are all stoked for Saturday. It will be a big service but great for the small branch.
So a little about the title of the email… Yesterday we were in priesthood and there was a deacon that was playing on his phone. Then he started shaking his leg and freaking out and out fell a huge cockroach from his pant leg. Then someone stood up to step on it and when they did the guts from the cockroach squirted out and hit someone from the branch presidency on the other side of the room. It was so funny!!!!
I hope that every is doing great! I Love and miss you all! Talk to you soon!
Elder Cypers


Well everyone, this week was another for the books! Elder Grau and I have been working really hard together. This week we were able to work a lot with the Branch President and so it was really awesome to spend some time with him and get to know the area a little better. He is a convert of four years and a great guy! Everyone calls him the grandpa to the missionaries because he does so much for us. Last Monday after we wrote he made us something called the Cubana. It’s a sandwich with just a ton of meat! It’s so big!!!
We have been working a lot with less actives. This week we found a lady that hasn’t been to church for 15 years. She got after us a little because in all that time nobody has visited her. But we are friends now so don’t worry. Just make sure to do your home teaching and visiting teaching!
Well I hope everyone is doing great! I love and miss you all!!
Love Elder Cypers


Well this week was a good one here in Tecamachalco. The wind has been blowing like crazy all week and there are lots of roads that are just dirt so the air was full of dust and dirt all week long. I could feel it in my mouth when I would bite down.

This week was a little bit slower than it was a week ago but the work is coming along great. We are still finding people to teach and helping those that we are teaching to progress. On the 14 of July we have four baptisms so its going great here. We have a lot of help from the branch president and the relief society president as well. The branch president is super awesome. He always invites us to eat and brings a huge bag of fruit for us every Monday to eat during the week.
We found a family of five this week. They are the Romero Mendosa Familia and we listened to them and taught them the restauración and how families can be together forever. It was a really powerful lesson and they all each felt the spirit so I will keep you all updated on this family.
We had to go to Puebla this week and it’s a pretty far trip so it takes a lot of time. We had to go because my companion had a meeting for all the new missionaries so president could check up on them and see how they were doing and how they were adjusting to the mission. So every time we go to Puebla right next to the CAPU. Thats the bus station by the way, there is a place that sells things called cemitas. They are a sandwich type thing, anyways there is a place that a member owns and I was in her ward and she always gives us free food when we go to Puebla!
I also saw a scorpion this week so that was pretty cool as well.
Well I love you all! Hope all is well!
Love Elder Cypers