Not always the way we want, but he does listen!


So this week as a good one. This last Saturday we were able to baptize Dalia and Abril! It was such a huge miracle and a spiritual experience. So what happened is Abril had a ton of faith and told her dad that she was going to be baptized on Saturday because she knew it was true and wanted him to be there, but if he wasn’t there she was still going to be baptized. Then a day later the dad gave Dalia permission to be baptized with her sister. Both of their parents were able to attend as well. The spirit was way strong and they both are so happy! It’s because of all the prayers and fasts that happened on their behalf. Maybe it’s not the day that we wanted at first or the way we wanted it to happen but he answers because he listens.


I was able to go back and visit my first area today for P day and it was awesome to be able to see some of the people that I have worked with! I love the people of Mexico!
Well I love you all and I will see you soon!
Love Elder Cypers
PS Check out this bird, it looks like Donald Trump😂

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