Well I hope that everyone had a great week! This week we were able to help Dalia and Abril get ready for their baptism interviews. They passed and this Saturday will be their baptism. We are really excited for them and their decision to be baptized. Along with them Diana will be baptized Saturday as well. The branch of Tecamachalco in total will have 6 baptisms on Saturday. Three are from the other missionaries in the branch. We are all stoked for Saturday. It will be a big service but great for the small branch.
So a little about the title of the email… Yesterday we were in priesthood and there was a deacon that was playing on his phone. Then he started shaking his leg and freaking out and out fell a huge cockroach from his pant leg. Then someone stood up to step on it and when they did the guts from the cockroach squirted out and hit someone from the branch presidency on the other side of the room. It was so funny!!!!
I hope that every is doing great! I Love and miss you all! Talk to you soon!
Elder Cypers

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