Well this week was a good one here in Tecamachalco. The wind has been blowing like crazy all week and there are lots of roads that are just dirt so the air was full of dust and dirt all week long. I could feel it in my mouth when I would bite down.

This week was a little bit slower than it was a week ago but the work is coming along great. We are still finding people to teach and helping those that we are teaching to progress. On the 14 of July we have four baptisms so its going great here. We have a lot of help from the branch president and the relief society president as well. The branch president is super awesome. He always invites us to eat and brings a huge bag of fruit for us every Monday to eat during the week.
We found a family of five this week. They are the Romero Mendosa Familia and we listened to them and taught them the restauración and how families can be together forever. It was a really powerful lesson and they all each felt the spirit so I will keep you all updated on this family.
We had to go to Puebla this week and it’s a pretty far trip so it takes a lot of time. We had to go because my companion had a meeting for all the new missionaries so president could check up on them and see how they were doing and how they were adjusting to the mission. So every time we go to Puebla right next to the CAPU. Thats the bus station by the way, there is a place that sells things called cemitas. They are a sandwich type thing, anyways there is a place that a member owns and I was in her ward and she always gives us free food when we go to Puebla!
I also saw a scorpion this week so that was pretty cool as well.
Well I love you all! Hope all is well!
Love Elder Cypers

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