What’s up everyone? How was you Easter/Pascua? I hope the bunny was able to find you;) haha  This week was a great opportunity to reflect on the life of Christ and all that he has done for me. Here the traditions are a little bit different from what we do in the states. Everyone acts out the events and all that happened to Christ here. It has made me think about what we believe and has made me even more grateful that we don’t have to do that stuff to remember the life of Christ. Someone in sacrament said something that really stuck out to me. She said that she was grateful that we can remember what he did for us each week through the sacrament. Something really basic and simple but a profound truth. 


With it being Easter here and everything starting Friday till basically today, just about everything was closed. It was like a ghost town. It was a little difficult finding people home to teach and when they were home they didn’t want to listen. However, yesterday Elder Dominguez and I were looking for a member according to our records and we found a single mom with four kids that listened to us and and it was really good. We are excited to go back and find Olivia. Keep her in your prayers because she does everything that she can to provide for her family and the gospel is something that will bless her life. 

I love you all.

Love Elder Cypers


Futbol y concilio (Football & Council)


¿Cómo están? I hope that everyone is doing great! This week was a really good one here in Puebla Mexico. So first off this week my companion and I started to get up early and run to the church and we started playing soccer in the mornings. My companion plays really good so he is teaching me a few things so thats pretty cool. He was going to go to a professional team here in Mexico but decided to come on a mission instead. Exercising was going really good till one morning we slept late because of some planning that we had to do and then we were just too tired to get up early. 


We went to bed late because we had a lot that we needed to plan for leadership council this past week. We had a lot of stuff that we had to teach the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders, but it all turned out really great! President told us that he was really pleased with everything so we were happy to hear that. The spirit in the council was super strong as well. It was just really good to learn from the other leaders as well as President Nelson.

So yesterday President came and pick me and my companion up early and we headed out to a new branch that just got passed to our mission. There hasn’t been any missionaries in this area for a long long time so we decided we would head out there and see how it was because we are planning on sending missionaries there in two weeks. They have about 30 people that assist and go to church so it is a really small branch. During their services people have to stand out in the hall because the room where they do sacrament only holds about 20-25 people so it was really different seeing all of that. I’ve been in a house of prayer before but this was the first time that I was present during church services. 

Well I love you all! I hope you all have the best week! 

Love Elder Cypers



Well this week was awesome! I’m pretty sure you all have heard from just about every missionary in the world on their group emails, but I just want to say as well that General Conference was great! I was able to learn a lot and receive answers to my prayers. If you didn’t have the opportunity to listen or watch go and do it! I was able to watch all of the sessions in English. I feel like I get a little more out of it when its in English. We watched on the projector with President Nelson, Hermana Nelson, and some other American missionaries. So that was cool. 

This week was packed with Zone conferences as well. Everything went really well and I was able to learn a lot from what President Nelson prepared and taught the mission.

So this week we have leadership counsel so it should be great as well. My companion and I have a lot that we need to prepare and get ready before Friday. 

So one thing that I noticed during conference that was kind of funny was that I was a bad speller before my mission and now its even worse! I spell things like if they were written in Spanish. My conference notes have Spanglish throughout them and then in just random spots there is just a Spanish word or something were I forgot the word or I was thinking the correct word and it just came out on the paper in the wrong language. 

Well I love you all! 

Love Elder Cypers