Division Week


It’s so hot here!!!! This last week has been so hot! I always feel like I’m sweating and we are just sitting down. It was like a sweat box in church yesterday without A/C.

This week was a good one! During this week we were able to go on lots of divisions with other missionaries. So we have started our monthly interviews with President and after the interviews each day one of us goes with President to another area to work with the missionaries there for the day. So I have been out of my area a lot this week working in other zones and areas. It’s been good to get to know some of the missionaries better.

This week will be a packed week with Zone Conferences Tuesday-Thursday and then General Conference this weekend. I can’t believe that this is my last conference on my mission. Thats so crazy to me! I feel like yesterday I was in an auditorium in the MTC listening to the October 2015 Conference. Make sure you all take the time either to listen or watch on TV what Heavenly Father wants us all to hear. It’s a blessing to have to a living prophet on the earth that receives revelación so make sure you take advantage of it!

We have two people that we are working with right now and they are doing great! We are helping one couple get married and then we are going to baptize his wife the day after so it will be cool because I’ve never done that before. 

I love you all and hope that all is well back in Utah or where ever you may be! I’m doing great and I’m loving it still!

Love Elder Cypers


Fast Week

Cómo están todos? How is everyone? I hope you all had a great week! Mine seemed like it flew by really fast. I think it’s because I wrote last week on Wednesday, so Monday came really fast. This week was a good one! It was pretty packed with trainings but that’s normal now to me. We did two trainings for the sister leaders and the district leaders and we had a concilio (council) with the Zone Leaders. We got some really great ideas from the Zone Leaders and we really feel like these things can help the missionaries here.

So I don’t remember if I told you guys last week, but the week before we had a special conference in the stake where I am now and they redid just about every boundary and mixed up all of the wards here. So that was interesting, but the worst part is that now that changes every area in this zone so now there is a lot of confusion. It’s a little hard to make the changes with President because the stakes have not sent the maps to the mission and so we are a little lost! But all will be well! 

Well I hope that you all have a great week! Love and miss you all!

PS here is a pic of the Zone Leaders and us playing soccer today.

Zone Leaders

Love Elder Cypers

Temple Trip


¿Comó están todos? (How’s everybody?) I hope you all had a great week! This week for my companions and I was an interesting one. We were getting ready to announce the transfers and everything and then we went to the mission home and we ended up doing some changes at the last minute so it was a little bit stressful! But everything ended up working out great! 

So now I only have one companion. I’m with Elder Dominguez so its going to be a jam packed transfer because we now have to do with two people what we were doing with three before, but it will all be good.


So Monday we had changes and it was a really good day. It started off by us going to pick up the new missionaries at the bus station and we took them to the church were we trained them for a little bit and we assigned them their new companions. After we had a testimony meeting with the Elders and Sisters that were leaving. I’ve been in a lot of those and this time it got to me a little because now all the missionaries that I have made good friends with are leaving so it was a little hard this time to tell them bye. Then we went to the President’s house and ate and hung out there all night.  In the morning we went with President to Mexico City to take some of the leaving missionaries to the airport but we also used that as an excuse to go to the temple so we went early and went to the Mexico City Temple!!


So the temple was way special. I think I appreciate it more since I have not been able to go for a long time. I did a whole session in Spanish and understood everything perfectly and it was so awesome. I received an impression about something that my Father in Heaven would like me change/make better so I will be working on that. The spirit was so strong and I learned a lot that I hadn’t noticed or learned about the times before. Then after when I was in the Celestial room it was awesome to sit and talk with my Father in Heaven and feel the spirit. Then while we were in there President came up to us and said we still have some time before we have to drop the others off at the airport, would you guys like to do some sealings? So we went and did sealings of children to their parents. I thought that was awesome because that was the first time that I had the opportunity to do that. Then the sealer gave us missionaries some advice that was really good stuff and it was cool of him to take the time and to talk with us and share some insight with us. It was a great experience because it just strengthened my testimony about eternal familias!

I love you all and hope that you have a great week! 

Love, Elder Cypers

Late Night Taco Runs


Hello everyone! This week was a really good one! We definitely have been busy here. This past week we had leadership council for the mission and my companions and I had to plan a lot for this meeting. We had to teach a lot as well. So again we were up late working and planning for this. The good thing is that past nine thirty is we can get tacos for free so when we are here late we always order tacos. That definitely needs to be a thing in America! The leadership council went great and it was a really spiritual experience. We got great comments back from the missionaries saying that they liked the counsel and president told us that he liked it as well.


Something that I have learned here in the mission is the importance of the Holy Ghost. In Doctrine and Covenants it says that when we teach with the spirit both the teacher and the student will be edified. I really like that and I came to learn the truthfulness of that scripture this week as I received a prompting to read something from the scriptures to an investigator and I learned what I needed to learn in the same moment.

This last week we were with President on Wednesday for 6 hours planning the transfers that will be happening in a week. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be and I know that the companionships come from God and the reason we are put with someone is so that we can learn and grow and help the other person as well. This week we have another meeting of 6 hours that we are going to finish up the transfers so that we can announce them this Saturday! 

I’m doing great and I love it down here in Mexico! Stay safe! Love you all! 

Love Elder Cypers

Visita al Hospital!


Hello everyone! I hope that you all have been great. I heard that this week Utah got a lot more snow. I just felt like you would all like to know how great the weather is here.  I love it!! So this week was a little bit of a crazy one. We had Zone Conferences and we had to prepare for those and we ended up sleeping late because of the preparations for that and then we had three Conferences back to back. It was great and I learned a lot but we are all worn out! 


Then one of my old Companions who is a secretary right now had surgery this week on his knee. He had the surgery on Saturday and today he is with us just taking it easy but all is well with Elder Mejia. We were able to go to the hospital and visit him while he was there for a day and we had to take a present or something so we took tacos. We also took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures in the elevator and with Elder Mejia all drugged up. 

This week in gospel doctrine we talked about spiritual gifts that we receive from Heavenly Father. I really liked this because it made me stop and think about the gifts that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with. And it makes me want to really search and see what other talents and gifts that I have been given to establish the kingdom of god here on the earth. 

I love you all!! ¡¡Cuídense mucho!! Hasta la próxima! (Take care!! Until next time!)

Élder Cypers

Estoy aquí (I’m here)


Well how is everyone doing? I hope that everyone is doing great! This week was a really good week. We took a little bit too much time on our P Day when we went with our companion to one of his old areas to visit some of his investigators that he had during his mission. So that took pretty much took all day! 

So this email will be a quick one. Our investigators are doing really well. The family Sampayo is still struggling with the things that they have had to go through, but we are working really hard and we have lots of help from the ward.

So this week was a really good one. We had to do some emergency changes for the mission and switch up a few of the companionships that were having problems and fix a few things. We also have been busy and we are going to be super busy this week because of Zone Conferences. So this week we have to go to three Zone Conferences starting tomorrow. They are going to be long as well. Each one is from 10 to 4 so we are going to be tired.

So funny story! We got home this week and one day we decided to do some exercise and we might have over did it a little because we are really sore. Also it wiped us out. So after we went and laid on our beds and we fell asleep. My other comp was calling someone and he fell asleep after his call at his desk. So then he came in the room and went to bed at like 11 pm when he woke up. Then for some reason I woke up at like 1 am and woke my companions up and told them that we were going to pray and I started to pray out loud and then we all just fell back asleep.

 I love you all and hope that your week is great! 

Love Elder Cypers