Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great week! So I’ve got some great news, we were able to go to bed on time this week and get the rest that we needed. I’m still being blessed with the gift to be able to sleep where ever and when ever. On the buses, in a taxi, on a train, and more! 

So today I got to the offices and there was a package on my desk and it was from Jackie Belnap and her sons! They sent me a letter and some candies! So please tell her thank you for thinking of me! That was really awesome of them to do that!


Right now, have two companions. One of them is named Elder Zapata and he is in his last transfer right now so he will be going home in four weeks. And the other one is Elder Dominguez and he goes home the same day I do so we are buds. They are both really great and we get along well. 

This week was a really good one. So this week, my companions and I traded days and we each went with President Nelson to another area and did divisions with the Zone Leaders. I was able to go with him twice this week. It was a good experience and I learned a lot from the other Leaders in the mission. It’s really awesome to be able to spend a lot of time with President Nelson. He is always teaching and giving us advice and he is also a really funny guy. I was able to go and do exchanges with Elder Perez too. He was one of my companions when I was serving as a secretary. A dog bit me when I was with him too. It wasn’t bad it just scratched up my hand a little because I was able to get my hand out fast enough!


We have a family that we are teaching right now and the name of the family is Sampayo. They recently had a death in their family. They have been struggling a lot lately and they need some help. So I would like to ask that you keep them in your prayers so that they can be happy, and know without a doubt where their family member is and how they can get back to see him again. Thats what I love about the gospel. No other religion teaches that families can be together forever. I know its true and I’m grateful for the Plan of Salvation.

We were able to have a good P day today and we went to some pyramids. I took a few pictures. I’d been there before but my companion is going to finish his mission in four weeks so he wanted to go before he left. Well I hope that you are all doing great! I love and miss you all!!! 

Love Elder Cypers


Late Nights and Early Mornings


¡Hola! ¿Como están? Espero que todos estén bien! (Hello, How are you?  I hope everybody is fine!) Well this week has been a little bit of a crazy one! We have worked a lot this week. So on Thursday we had to do a training meeting for the sister missionary leaders in the mission. Then that night after working in our area we went back to the offices and had to plan another training for the next day. Well we worked on that and ended up going to bed late and getting up at 6:30 still! I was struggling trying to stay awake! My companion Elder Dominguez was making fun of me. We have the same gift, that we are able to fall asleep in 30 seconds where ever we might be! 

We went and played soccer this morning with some members and other people that were there. It was really fun, but then it got really hot so we all left. So now we are going to hang out and rest for the rest of the day, President gave us permission to watch Disney movies so we are going to eat tacos and watch Kung Fu Panda 3.  


We went to a baptism this week and it was in the Puebla South mission. It was an investigator that my companions had been teaching before I got here. He works in our mission but lives in the south. So we went to the baptism with President. There was an Elder there that I started talking to and he played in the playoff game when Fremont lost to Riverton my senior year! He was on that team. He also played college ball with Braxton Hale for a year so that was really cool to talk to him and find out that we kind of have a connection. 


I was playing with a dog the other day and realized how much I miss my dogs, Maya and Patch! 

Well I hope that all is good and that all of you are doing great! I love you all and I will talk to you soon

Love Elder Cypers

Fuimos a Misa (We Went to Mass)


Well I hope that everyone is doing great and enjoying life! I’m writing today because I didn’t have any time to write yesterday. So this last week was a crazy one. We had a lot of stuff happen to us this week. We had investigators that left us saying that they didn’t want to listen anymore, but we also saw miracles as we prayed and worked hard. 


So this week we were teaching an investigator and we invited her to church. She thought we were not open to anything so she said I’ll go to your church if you come to mine. So we told her we would and we got permission from our President to go to the Catholic church with her. Well when we got there Mass was just starting and so we sat with our investigator and we listened and watched. When the priest that was in charge of the mass gave his talk/speech he started like attacking me and my companion with words in front of everyone. Our investigator got really uncomfortable and felt bad for us and wanted us to leave but we told her not to worry and we kept our end of the deal. Then after we went to her house the next day and she told us that she knows what we teach is true and that her church isn’t but she still told us that she isn’t going to change for traditions and told us not to come back. So she didn’t even end up coming to church with us. 

Well this week I was also called to work as an AP. I’m excited to be able to work with President again in the office and to work with all the missionaries in the mission! 

I love you all!! Que tengan una buena semana¡ (Have a good week) 

— Love Elder Cypers