Dog Scare


Well there goes another week! I hope that everyone is doing great. This week for us was a pretty good one. We have had the spirit with us this whole week and it has been strong. We taught some lessons and when we left my companion and I were in awe because of the how strong we felt the spirit. We know that our investigators feel it as well. We have had investigators that have told us that they know these things to be true but because of other things that they are going through in there lives its hard for them to go to church right now.

Please pray for the people in the area Morelos 2 so that they can overcome there trials and do what the Lord has asked of them.


We left a lesson yesterday and it was in the middle of a field where there are a few houses. Well we left and we were walking and I took out the rock that I keep in my backpack for the dogs, and as we were walking a dog came running out at us and it was huge! Then it jumped and I threw the rock and knocked it out… Just kidding when it jumped it got ripped back by the cord that it was tied to. I thought my life was over, haha but it couldn’t get us! 

I love you all! Hope you have the best week! 

Love Elder Cypers



Well this week was a really good one. Thanks to my grandparents I was able to buy a new suit and its really cool! Elder Beckey and I both got the Mexican flag put on the inside of the suit.


We are working really hard right now Elder Acosta and I. We’ve had a few things go a little rough. We have had people that don’t come to church and a few other things but despite all of those things we are seeing miracles. We are finding tons of new people to teach and we are enjoying each day.

So we found a new lady this week and we were in her house and we were teaching her. Well we were about done and she asked if we believed in ghosts so we told her yes that we believe in spirits. So then I asked her well do you believe in angles and she answered saying I only believe in what I can see and she was staring at something behind us. So I got freaked out! I put my stuff in my backpack and I was ready to bounce and then my companion asked her what she was talking about. She said I want to tell you something. I’ve never seen what I’m looking at behind you two right now. I was still freaked out and I asked her if it was good or bad. She told us good and said that she saw two people behind us dressed in white and there was such a bright light that was coming from them. She told us that she let us in her house because she has seen us in the streets and they are always with us and wanted to know what we did. So after that my fear left and it was a really cool experience! 

This week we went to a house and we started to teach a Mom and her Daughter. When we were getting to know them a little better the daughter told us that she wasn’t sure if she believed in God. So we decided that we were going to share the Restoration. It went really good. We applied the lesson to them and their problems and after we told the first vision the daughter still said she wasn’t sure. In that moment I received a prompting to watch a video that I have never watched before. So I asked if they had a laptop and searched Joseph Smiths first prayer, the hymn. And the first one that popped up was LDS so I clicked on it and we watched it. It was the footage of the Restoration with the hymn playing. After we had the daughter pray and ask if the things we taught them were true. At the end she was in tears telling us that she felt that it was true and that God lives. I know that he lives, I know that the gospel has been restored. I love you all!!


Love Elder Cypers

Crazy Week


Well I hope everyone had a great week. This week for us was a little bit crazy! So we were working Wednesday night when we got a call saying that we had to go home and it was like at 7 at night. So we went home and we got news that because the gas prices have gone up here in Mexico the people pretty much started rioting and burning cars and destroying stores and stuff so it got a little crazy. The next day we had to go back home at 3 just to be safe. We got really bored being inside and wanted to leave really bad, so we ordered a pizza! Well everything now is calm and back to normal. In my area nothing even happened so that’s good. 


We found a lady this week when we were contacting in the Streets. Her name is Fabiloa and she is awesome! She has been prepared by the Lord to hear this message and let it change her life. We are really excited to be teaching her. She came to church and she felt the spirit really strong and started to cry. We are glad that nobody crazy went up to bare their testimony. There is one guy in the area that is super crazy! He lives in the street and sometimes comes to fast and testimony meeting. I haven’t met him yet but he is famous here.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!! 

Love Elder Cypers


Hello everyone! 

First off I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEARS! I hope you had a good one and were able to take some time to set some goals that you would like to meet this year! 

We spent the evening with a family and ate dinner with them and listened to some Christian music. So our new years was pretty wild! We even stayed up till 10:30. It was really good. Well we didn’t sleep very good because it was wild outside and there was tons of music and people celebrating, doing fireworks but here they are like bombs so they are super loud. 


There was nobody in church yesterday. All of them were home sleeping. There were like 20 people total. It looked like a branch more than it did a ward.

We had to go to Zacatlan this week a few times and it’s really far. Its such a cool place though. We went to fix a few things that were happening and we lost a lot of time traveling because its about 2 hours there and 2 back. But we were able to work hard and find lots of people to teach, 14 new investigators.  

I love you all!

Elder Cypers


Well I hope that everyone had a great Christmas this year! It was awesome here in Mexico. Being a missionary helps you to see how grateful and how blessed we really are and to be able to see all of the things that our Heavenly Father and Our Savior have given to us. 


Well this week was a good one. We had a mission conference this week and it was a Christmas party. We played games, and we sang Christmas songs and did skits and had a devotional. We also ate mashed potatoes and ham. It was really American!! Our skit we did was super funny. We danced and it was by far the best one! 

Christmas Eve we spent with members and Christmas day as well. My favorite part was being able to call home and talk with my family! It was the best! 


I hope that everyone has a great New Year and thinks about things that we can change and make better throughout the year. Love you all!!! 

Elder Cypers