Feliz Navidad prospero año y felicidad!!!


Wow I cant believe that Christmas is this week! It seems like the time is just flying by!! I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and enjoys every minute of it. Make sure that you take the time to reflect and think about the real meaning of Christmas!! 

I’m so excited to be able to talk to my family this week! I’ve told my companion like twelve times just this morning!  I love this time of year. So this week we had our ward Christmas party and they had a talent show and they made the missionaries do something so we sang Feliz Navidad and the ward loved it because Elder Beckey is super funny and was dancing. We had a Christmas party today as a district and we did secret santa and stuff so it was awesome. I got a cool soccer team mug, and we practiced for our sketch that we are going to do in the mission Christmas party on Thursday. I’m really excited for this week. 


So this week was a good one. Our investigator had his baptism interview and he will be baptized on Christmas Eve!! So that’s awesome! He bought us all hats to celebrate.

We were eating tacos this week at the bishops house for a party that he had and it was lamb meat(we think) I put we think because Elder Beckey pulled a dog tooth out of his taco! haha 

I hope you are all doing awesome!!! love and miss each and every one of you!!! 

Love Elder Cypers


Christmas Time


Well I hope everyone is doing good. I don’t have lots of time this week. Our investigators are doing great and progressing. Please keep Fransisco in your prayers so that he can have the strength he needs to over come his problems.

This week was a pretty good one. I did get a new companion and his name is Elder Acosta. I’m still in the same area and stuff just a new companion. I’m really excited to work with him. He works really hard and he is super funny.

I got in a fender bender yesterday when we were with a member and she backed up into a parked bus. She hit it pretty dang good and banged up her car and she just drove away really fast cause the guy came out of his house to talk to her and stuff! Crazy!

Well real short. We got a Christmas tree, a little kid hit me with a spoon and it cut open my elbow! I love you all!

Love Elder Cypers

PS I also got a stupid haircut…..:(

December, What?


Wow! I can’t believe that it is already December! Time is going by so fast and just seems to get faster with each week. I hope that everyone had a great week. 

This week was a good one for Elder Mejia and I. We were able to find some really good investigators this week and we even got the opportunity to help some other missionaries in their area find some new investigators for a couple hours. The Zone is doing great and we started off the month of December with 3 baptisms in the Zone. We have lots planned and we are really excited. Elder Mejia and I have 5 planned for December with some really good investigators. I would like you to keep our investigator Frank in your prayers. So that he can overcome the problems that he is facing right now.

Well this week we didn’t travel too much. Just one time when we went to Puebla for the Leadership Council. It was a really good one. We talked about what we can do better as a mission and President and the assistants presented a new thing that we are going to do and I’m excited for it! Its going to help us out a lot.

We have transfers this next Monday and there is a high chance that my companion will go to a new area. We hope not because we want to be together for Christmas! 

This morning for P day we went and picked corn in a feild for some service and then we went and played soccer against some local kids. They got mad because we were beating them pretty bad and just left in the middle of the game.

Well I hope your week is great! I love you all! 

Love Elder Cypers

Thanksgiving- Día de Gracias


Well I’m doing really great! I did get the opportunity to think about all that I’m thankful for. A few of the things are, the gospel, my time here on the mission, temples, gift of tongues, my family! 

Well for Thanksgiving I was in a Zone Conference and I had to teach so I was a little nervous but my companion and I did great and President was really happy! They don’t celebrate it at all here so it was just a normal day and we did our normal things.  I also got a flu shot that day too from President. He gave one to every missionary. It was super funny to watch everyone get them because they were so nervous. I was too! 

I’m doing really good. Even better since we beat some kids in soccer today that thought they were going to beat us. It’s all good though Elder Beckey came through with two goals that saved us!

When we were done playing someone robbed the member we were with while we were playing he just took his stuff that he put on the side. He took his money, his phone, his car keys, the phone that my companion uses, and my companions watch. We looked for the guy but he was a goner. We couldn’t find him. 

We saw a lady get hit on a motorcylce this week. Well my companion saw it and I heard it and I turned around and it was sketchy! The person who hit her just drove away too so it was messed up. 

I’m loving it here and its weird to think that I’m on the downhill slide. After christmas I know its just going to fly by so I’m going to make this time the best! 

I’m doing great and we have lots of baptisms ready and coming up! I love you all!!! 

Love Elder Cypers



Well this year for Thanksgiving I’m going to go and be in a Zone Conference. Whoo!  I’m thankful for all of you and the roles that you have played in my life. I’m thankful for the gospel and familias eternas!

So this week was really interesting. On Monday we were playing volleyball and my companion hurt his thumb but kept on playing. That night he was complaining a ton about it so we were in public transportaion and I asked him to let me see it and I popped it and he started freaking out I think he might have even cried… I feel bad because I was dying because I was laughing so hard. He thought I messed up his thumb. So long story short we went to the hosptial to get it checked at it was just jammed.

Then on Tuesday we went to do some interviews for baptism and we took a bus that was like an hour and a half and we got there, did the interviews and when we were going to leave the last bus had already left so we had to stay in Zacatlan for a night and It was so cold! I didn’t bring anything because I thought we were going back home. It’s all good though the Elders there made a nice spot on the tile for me to sleep.


I was with the assistants doing divisions and we started and it got dark and the cops stopped by in their car and asked if we were alright. They said that the area was really dangerous and we needed to leave that area so we got a ride in a cop car. President was joking with me and said that we got stopped because I was white! hahah

Then on Friday we were in a little town. There was a big dog and it started barking at us, so I turned around and just to mess with it I barked back at it. I guess he didn’t like it or something cause after that he hauled buns towards us. I thought I was going to get eatten, but long story short BYU is now looking at me for a running back because they heard how fast I ran away from the dog.


Well I love you all!!!

Elder Cypers

Week one in Apizaco


Well I hope that everyone had a great week! So this week was a pretty good one. My companion and I are getting along great! He is like my brother! We are always having a good time. This week we traveled a lot. We went to Puebla and its like an hour by bus and then we went to another area the next day and it was like two hours away. So we were on a bus for a lot of the time this week. 

We are working hard and we have the opportunity to baptize on Christmas Eve a family of four that we are working with. That would be such a cool experience! 

So yesterday we had a special conference that was transmitted to just Mexico. It was a seventy, Elder Hales and Elder Nelson. Everyone that talked hit three main points. Tithing, Sabath day, and being autosufficent. I dont know if that last word is in English or spanish so I hope you understand. I’m forgetting my english!  Oh by the way Elder Nelson of the quorm of the 12 Speaks Spanish so that was something I did not know!! Well I love you all and hope your week is great!!! 

 We do our laundry in this sink.

Love Elder Cypers