dscn1281Well I hope that everyone had a great week. My week here in the offices was a good one, but it also was my last. I found out that one Elder was leaving his area and there was no one to take his place so I took his spot in my new area. I’m with Elder Armenta and he talks like Batman with a really raspy voice. I’m excited to be working back out in the field and to be working with a lot more people because my new area is huge. There is a lot of work to be done here. I do have some good news… Since it was an unexpected transfer, I have permission to go back to my other area for the baptism for Alejandro this Saturday and I will still be able to baptize the Sisters investigator. So thats pretty cool. Both of those are going to take place at the same time this Saturday. I’ll be sure to send pics!


Well I told Guillermo bye last night and he was super sad. He was crying and he didn’t want me to leave because we’ve become pretty close friends. I really have come to love the people and it was hard to tell him bye. But I’m going to stay in touch with him for sure!


So funny story that happened this week. We got home one night and we decided to order tacos. The person said 30 minutes and they would be there. Well thirty minutes passed and nobody came so we waited and then came time to go to bed so we got in bed at 10:30 and we were sleeping and at 11:20 we heard a horn honking outside. The taco guy was outside honking his horn for twenty minutes before he realized that we weren’t going to come out. hahah So we just got them then next night!

 President and his wife gave me a new tie and signed the back before I left the offices so that was really cool. I’m grateful for the new change, I’m going to miss the offices, but I know I’m supposed to be here now. I love you all and hope that you have an awesome week.

Love Elder Cypers (C-Cyps)


Great Week


Hello everyone! This week was such a good one. So last week I had my P day on Tuesday because I went with President to Mexico to pick up a new missionary. So on Tuesday we were trying to decide what to do and we decided to go on a ferris wheel. It’s supposed to be the world’s tallest, even taller than the one in London. Elder Jimenez is scared of places up high so he didn’t want to go. We talked him into it and then we did what every good companion would do. We scared him at the top! hahah


We had Guillermo`s baptism this last Saturday and it was so cool to be able to baptize him and to feel of the spirit that was so strong there. So we went before to clean the font and to fill it up and when we went there was water in it from a long time ago and the bottom was green. So we went to drain it and the pump that drains it was broke so there is a hole outside that it drains into and it was full so it couldn’t drain. So we had to take buckets and take all of the water out. Then when it got too deep that we couldn’t reach we tied rope to the buckets and had to lower them into the hole and get the water out. Well when we got the water out the guy showed up with the pump when we were all done! hahaha We got it cleaned and filled and we baptized him. It was a great day!


Alejandro will be baptized in two weeks!!! Keep him in your prayers. Remember to always be an example and to share the gospel. I love you all!!

Love Elder Cypers

Conferencia General


Well I hope that everyone had a great week and had the opportunity to listen to the Prophet and Apostles. It’s such a blessing that we have in our lives to be able to listen to them and learn the things we need to do in our day. One thing that was really talked about was to do the will of the Father and not our own. I invite all to do so. And then next is something that I use everyday as a missionary. If we lack wisdom do as Joseph Smith did and ask of God. James 1:5. If any of you have doubts or questions ask your Father in Heaven! He WILL answer you.

Conference was great and I was spiritually filled! This past week a pretty normal one. We worked a lot in our area and it still rains cats and Dogs. We had one day that was really awesome and we had 9 lessons and found 3 new people to teach in 3 hours so it was really productive.


I’m writing early because I’m headed to Mexico City again!  I’m going with one assistant and President and his Wife. We are going to the airport to pick up a sister missionary that is coming from Argentina. So that will be cool because the last few times that I have gone, I’ve gone in a bus.  Not this time!

Well I’ve got great news!! Guillermo will be baptized this Saturday! We are all excited for him. He asked me to baptize him and I’m excited to be able to do this for him!

Well I love you all the gospel is true and I love being a missionary!

Love Elder Cypers

New Transfer 9/27/16


Well yesterday was the start of another transfer here in the mission. I will be staying here in the offices for one more transfer. I got a new companion on Monday so now I have three companions and we all live in the same house! His name is Elder Jimenez. I will be training him so in six weeks he can take my spot in the offices and I can go back out to a different area in the mission. 

Yesterday we had the opportunity to help President out and we trained the new missionaries that showed up yesterday and then in the night we went over to the mission home and we spent the night with people that went home this morning. We didn’t get home and to bed until about 12:30 am so we are pretty tired today!

We still have Guillermo and Alejandro on track to be baptized in the month of October! They are both coming to church and reading their Books of Mormon. Make sure to keep them both in your prayers! 

My companions got me a cake this week for my birthday! They are great guys! Well I love you all and hope that you all have a great week!!! 

Love Elder Cypers