One Year/20 Years Old/Safari

Well this week was just action packed. So it all started on Monday when our plans fell through we went looking for Alejandro. He was the guy that dumped out all his alcohol. Well I said a little prayer in my heart and asked that he could be there, because the last time we saw him was about a month ago. Well when we showed up he was there and told us that he has not drank since that day we first met him. Well long story short this was one of the best miracles that has happened since I’ve been here on my mission. He is so prepared for the gospel and we are going to baptize him in October. Guillermo is still doing great and progressing as well. Both Guillermo and Alejandro came with us to church this week. 

Well on the 15th it was Mexican Independence day. The stake had a party so we got to go for a little bit, but had to leave early because it went until late. There were so many fireworks outside of our house. They sound like bombs!! hahah

On the 16th I completed one year here in the mission. So crazy that the time goes by so fast.

And on the 18th I turned 20 years old. Well my birthday fell on a Sunday so we went and celebrated my birthday today by going to Africam Safrai. (And yes that is how they spell it) It is hands down the best zoo in the world! You drive around in a car and the animals are just right outside of the car. I took tons of pictures. All of us Elders loved every second of it. I even got to hold a parrot and got a hug from a Kangaroo. 


Well I love you all!!! I’m glad that I have had to opportunity to get to know each of you over the last 20 years!! Until next week. And remember… May we always choose the harder right and not the easier wrong. -Thomas S Monson.

Love Elder Cypers


One Year


Wow I can’t believe that this day will be here this week! One year in the mission. This year has been one of the fastest of my life, but the best year that I’ve had thus far in my life. I’ve learned so much in the past year and have to come to really deepen my love for the gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ!  I hope everything at home is going great! I’m loving it here. I learn so much each day. I read a talk this week that I needed and it is called “Always Remember Him” It said you don’t have to be perfect to be worthy and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I’m enjoying every minute of it here. We got to go to dinner with President again this week.

Well today Elder Perez left our companionship. He got transferred a little early to help out with something that President needed from him. So that was a little bit of a bummer. We are best buds so Im going to miss him! My other companion this week got a package from his family with Mountain Dew in it. Everyone was going nuts because that doesn’t exist here. President even got excited and was like he where did you get that I want to go get some! 


Well I’ve had a lot of great memories but my favorites are the miracles that I see every day. That’s the coolest thing to me. Those are the moments when I feel on top of the world.  And my funnest are just all the crazy stuff that we do as missionaries. I have so many stories! hahah I can’t wait to tell them everyone.

Well the investigator that we found last week is doing so well. We have taught him about every day for the last two weeks. He loves listening. We can see it in his eyes. He is so intent during the lessons just soaking up everything that we teach to him. He reads the Book of Mormon and loves the feeling he gets when he reads and listens to us. Its the coolest thing ever to see the excitement that he has. He even told us yesterday at church that he was excited to be baptized. 

Well I love you all!!!! Have a great week and remember to celebrate Mexican Independence Day on the 15th!!! Viva México! Les amo

Elder Cypers

Mexico MTC Visit


Well I hope that everyone had a great week and that all is well. This week for me was a really great week! We worked hard and we have been seeing great things happen in our area! 

So this week President asked me to go with an Elder to the MTC so he could get a shot that he needed. So we got on a bus and took it two hours to Mexico City and then 40 mins in a taxi to the MTC. It was really weird being there! It was also really cool. I was there a year ago. It doesn’t feel like a year at all! The time is just flying by. So we got his shot and we weren’t going to make in back in time for lunch, so we decided to eat at the MTC. We went to the MTC store to buy our ticket to eat, and we walked in and Sister Emily Woodyatt was in there! So I scared her and she thought I went all rebel and left my mission until I explained it to her. Then Elder Tafa came walking in.  So I talked to him, and we left the store to go and eat, and I saw Elder Nate Wadsworth.  I went up to him and he thought that I ran away from my mission at first too.  We talked for a minute and he is doing really good! Then I saw a few more kids that I went to school with in the lunch room and I saw Elder Christopher Redford from my ward and Elder Rabow.  It was really cool to be able to see a few Silverwolves and talk with them for a few minutes. We ate lunch and then we headed back to Puebla!

On Wednesday we were looking for an investigator and we knocked on a door and another guy answered it. He let us into his house and we taught him. He told us that his wife had died a few years ago to cancer and so we taught him the Plan of Salvation and about eternal families. We left him with a pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation and with the commitments to read it and to pray and ask if what we told him was true. We went back the next day and he was waiting for us. He told us that he had read and he received an answer through prayer and he told us that he knows that it’s true. He told us he is ready to be baptized so really the only thing he is missing are the Church meetings that he has to go to. So he came with us on Sunday to fast and testimony meeting. During the meeting he stood up and walked up to the stand. I was thinking, oh no, what is he going to say…. Well when he got up there he said, “I have felt lost for a long time until the Lord sent two missionaries my way Elder Miilher and Elder Cypers and I prayed and I know these things are true and this is the place where I need to be.” Then he ended in the name of Jesus Christ and sat down. That was one of the shortest testimonies I’ve ever heard, but at the same time one of the most sincere and powerful testimonies ever! The spirit was so strong and we are excited to be working with him.

This week was the birthday of Elder Perez and we had like 4 different cakes from different people!! It was a pretty good week! I Love you all!!! 

Elder Cypers

Action Packed Week


Wow this week was action packed! So many things happened this week so I hope that I remember them all and can get them all on the email for you guys. First of all this week we had a Seventy come to the mission and speak to us. It was really cool and he spoke with so much power. He taught us that everything in life has a spiritual purpose behind it! That was something that really stuck out to me. Also that we can do better as humans by doing what it says in Ether and work on changing our weaknesses into our strengths. We get some perks being secretaries. We left with his wife to take her to the bank and she was driving and it was super funny. She parked in front of a bus stop and said if the cops come you guys deal with it and said just to give him a book of Mormon.


So last Tuesday we went to this guys house to teach him and it was the weirdest thing. We went and he had a powerpoint ready to more or less teach us. He was telling us that God is everywhere and doesn’t have a body and had tons of pictures of stars and universe. He also had a pet possum. It was so freaky! It makes the weirdest noises and stinks so bad. I bet that thing has like 200 tropical diseases. 


I want to share a really cool experience with you. So on Sunday night, Elder Morales and Elder Perez went back to the offices and Elder Miilher and I kept working. We looked for a few people and nobody was home. We decided to try a contact that we had in our agendas and we knocked on the door and the lady answered through the window above us. We were talking to her and an old man walked past us and kept going. Well the person wasn’t interested and she shut the window. After I asked Elder Miilher, now what do we do? He didn’t know either. Well the guy that walked past us came back and said I have a question for you two. He said, “My wife died about a year and a half ago, and I turned to drinking to numb the pain, and I’ve become and alcoholic. I need your help.” We talked to him for a minute and he was sober when we were talking to him, so he invited us to come to his house. We went in and started talking to him. He was about 60 or a little older. He told us that he feels alone and he has nobody in his life right now. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and told him that he can live with his wife again if he completes the things that God has asked of us. We invited him to be baptized and we put a date with him. Then we finished with a prayer and he said such a heartfelt amazing prayer. After I looked at him and I said, if you want to do these things you need to throw this away right now. (I pointed to a bottle of alcohol on his desk) He told us, “No please just let me finish this last one and then I promise I won’t drink every again.” We asked him what he thought God would want him to do. He told us the reason that he drinks is because he does it so that he can sleep through the night. Then Elder Miilher and I promised him in the name of Jesus Christ that if he threw it out that he would feel peace and sleep through the night and that we would come back tomorrow. He sat in silence for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then he got up took the bottle, went to the bathroom and poured it all down the toilet. The spirit was so strong and we are really excited to be working with him. I want to help this guy so much. It was a great experience!!

God lives, he still works through miracles today and he loves each one of us. I love you all!!!!

Love Elder Cypers