This week was a really good one and I hope that you all had a good one as well! I’m loving my time here in Mexico! It’s weird to think that I’ll have been here for a year in less than a month. Time is flying by! 


This week was a pretty good one. We focused on working really hard in the offices to get our work done early so we could leave the offices and work more out in the streets. We teach a lot of people in the street. We also got a new companion, his name is Elder Milher from Brazil. So now with four of us, we can get out and teach a lot more. We did really well with the goal that we set. With there being four of us now, we go two and two and can work the entire area really well each day. The area that we have is a little difficult because we have a university in our area and everyone that lives there are students. They are a little harder to get to complete their commitments because they have lots of work to do for school so they are more focused on that. But we will just keep working and all will go great! We did have a total of 13 lessons just yesterday. 

This week was also President Nelson’s Birthday so the office staff and assistants bought him a cake and we surprised him and sang to him. It was really cool. We went to one family home evening this week and it was super funny. The kids were nuts and they were climbing all over us and thought we were the coolest people. It was really fun. That one less active lady told me that because of the things that I’ve taught her and said to her she is going to reactivate and go back to the temple. I know I’m just an instrument in the hands of the Lord and that through the power of the Spirit her heart was touched, not by the things I said. But I love knowing that I have the Spirit and it’s working through me. 

I love you all! Hope you all have an awesome week! 

Elder Cypers


Transfer Day

Well I hope that everyone is doing great! This past week was really a great one. I learned to always rely on the Lord and do your part and he will be there to take care of the rest and the things we lack. 


Yeah it rains like this every year. This is a whole new type of rain. It rains like I have never seen before. Its nuts!! There was a land slide in our mission boundaries because of the rain, but no missionaries where in that part. It was pretty bad though I guess. Like 40-50 people died in it. 


Well this last week we were preparing for yesterday the whole week. Yesterday we spent the day welcoming the new missionaries and spent the day with the ones that left this morning at the mission home with President and his wife. I got pretty stressed yesterday. So I gave them all their flight info and all of the things they needed, then I told them to double check and make sure that everything was correct. Well one Hermana showed me that her name was spelt wrong on her flight itinerary. So I was calling the flight agency and they would answer it just kept going right to voice mail. I was freaking inside and I was all alone up stairs in the mission home. I didn’t know what to do so I did the only thing that I could do. I knelt down and offered a pray to have the agency pick up the phone, and that everything would work out. Well I got up and called again and they answered the first time that I called and I got everything figured out and they did it without a charge to the mission. So I was really grateful for that tender mercy that I was blessed with from my Heavenly Father.  We had the opportunity to train the new missionaries that arrived yesterday. We received 12 new missionaries in all, so it was really cool to see all of them and the excitement that they each have. It seems like I got here just yesterday and now I’m almost one of the older ones here in the mission, time wise! Then after we had the opportunity to go and spend most of the night at the mission home with the people that were going to be going home.


President and his wife took the office staff and the assistants out to dinner this last week. He does that once every transfer and it was really cool. We went and ate at a place like Rodizio Grill and it was super good.

I got a new companion this week. So now there are four secretaries and we all live together. It will be really nice having one more with us because we will have more opportunities to get out of the offices and to be able to teach more in the streets.

I’m grateful for each day that I have here in the mission. I’ve learned that no matter what, each one of us can make something better and improve each day. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 


Elder Cypers

Witch Doctor


Well I hope that everyone is doing great and had an awesome week. I cant believe that summer went by so fast and that its already almost over. Time goes by so fast. This week I was in the offices for most of the time. With it being the last week of the transfer I have tons of things that I need to do. 

We didn’t really get to go out and teach that much this week but we found one guy named Agustin and he is the definition of a golden investigator. We met him on the street and taught him there. He gave us his address and we went over the beginning of the week to meet with him. He is an older guy, but he is the coolest old guy that I have ever met! He is super open to everything that we are teaching. He also accepted to be baptized the first visit. He told us that he feels bad leaving his religion, but he knows that what we are saying is true so he came to church with us. Ok so my title is called witch doctor, because after one lesson, my companion had a cold, and he could barely breath out of his nose. He came up to him and he did so sort of massage on his arms and after that he wasn’t plugged up anymore and could breath perfect. It was so cool! My companion was freaking out! haha He always gives us something to eat after to. He gave us homemade jam, and avocados. When he came to church his dog followed him and kept trying to come in so we had to lock the dog out of the gate, then somehow it got in and came into the chapel looking for him. oh it was super funny!!! hahahahah He really is super cool!!!

We had to move some sister missionaries to a different apartment and it started to rain and we had to move everything to the fourth floor. There were these ledges that we passed things up the side of the building to the fourth floor. It only took us like 5 minutes to get everything up there and it worked like a charm!  There were people looking at us and it was super funny.

I got to eat these things that are super famous here and now is my favorite food. They are called chiles en Nogada. They are chilies with fruit and meat inside and they are covered with a sauce and pomegranate. Its the best thing ever!! 

We have two people right now that are doing really good and we are excited to be working with them. If you could please keep Agustin and Concepcion in your prayers that would be awesome. I love you all! Have an great week! 

Love Elder Cypers


Lead By the Spirit


Hey everyone! I hope that everyone had a great week. This week was an awesome one and really spiritual. I saw the spirit working through my companions and I this week and we were able to have a lot success. We taught tons of people in the street this week, and from that we found three new investigators. We have one investigator that we are working with that is on track to be baptized this month so we are really excited for her. 

So cool story. This week we went to a less active ladies house and we taught her. We have been teaching her for a while and trying to get her to come back to church. Well after the lesson we scheduled another time to go back the next day. She told us the next day that she was going to tell us not to come back and stop wasting our time, but she said because of what I said to her she felt the spirit really strong and she finally went back to church! It was really cool.

This week I was in a pharmacy buying some cold medicine and when I was checking out there was an older guy next to me that I didn’t even notice at first. Then he asked me how Elder Bednar was doing. He talked to me in english so I started to talk with him and it turns out he is from California and lives here in Puebla. He went to high school with Elder Bednar, but it gets even better. He played football with Elder Bednar. He was the running back and…. Elder Bednar was his QB. It was really cool to sit and talk with him a little bit. He told me that Elder Bednar was always an example to those on his team and everyone around him. I took a picture with the guy and then left. It was something that I’ll never forget!! 


We learned this cool way to study scriptures this week. It was a way that President Nelson taught us. First you pray, then read the chapter, then you write down what caught your attention or revelation, then pray and ask for better understanding of the chapter and then read and write again. It was amazing to feel the spirit so strong and to see the things that hadn’t caught my attention before! You need to try it!!! 

I hope that everyone has a great week and can see the hands of the Lord always in your life. My companion shared this scripture in a lesson this week and I really liked it so I thought I would share it.

1 Samuel 16:7 – But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.


Elder Cypers