Work Pays Off


Well I hope that everyone had a great 24th! I spent mine going to church, like I hope all of you did;) haha. Well I got a head start on some of my stuff that I have to do here in the offices so now I’m not so overloaded the last couple weeks of the change. 

This is the first time in my life that I am missing the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo.  My family sent me a picture from the rodeo, and Coop looks like a stud. He is looking strong!


A typical day in the offices for me is we get here and we study in the mornings and then just depends on the work that I have to do and the deadlines that I have to have it finished by. Sometimes I don’t have work or I finish it and I just kinda hang out until my companions are done with their stuff so we can leave, or the other way around. I’ve been learning how to play the ukulele. I found one for cheap and I really like it! 


This week was a really good one for me. We got out a worked a lot in the streets. We found one lady by asking her for directions to another house and then we asked if we could come by and she told us yeah so we went back and we have been back a ton this week. She even came to church with us. Her and her daughter both have baptism dates and we also put baptism dates with a family of four this week. I really like teaching families because I know of the blessings that a family can receive from the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I learned something really cool this week. I was watching a mormon message this week and I came across one that talked about being spiritual fit. In it there was a quote that I really liked and it said: Did you leave it all out on the field today? I’ve probably heard that a thousand times but it really meant something to me this time. I’ll never have another July 25, 2016 ever again and so for that I need to work as hard as I can everyday and finish each day with no regrets! 

Also found a cowboy hat so I thought that it was fitting that I took a picture with it on and sent it to ya’ll! By the way, I wore it all morning while I was cleaning the house!


Love you tons!!! 

Elder Cypers




Well I hope that everyone had a great week. This week for me was really good. We started off the week with a Zone Conference and it was really awesome! The spirit was really strong and I learned a lot. Then I had the opportunity to go and help out at another one of the conferences. So because we had to go early I got to stay in the mission home. It was super clean! haha The houses we stay in are not that clean. You could clean them for hours and they will still look dirty after. Presidents wife, Hermana Nelson, went back to the US this week for some knee surgery but she should be back in two weeks or so. President asked us to help him give her a blessing. It was really cool because there were ten of us so it was way cool! 

We found some new investigators that we are really excited about. We worked really hard this week and got out of the offices a lot. We found a couple in the street and we taught them and they invited us to come back. Then when we went back they had their whole family listen and they have daughters so we found five new people. They accepted to be baptized as well. So we are going to focus on them to really help them out! 

This week I reached my ten month mark! Crazy how fast time flies by! I hope you all have a great week! Love and miss you all! Until next time! 


Elder Cypers


Packages from Home


Well I hope this email finds you all doing well. This week was a really good one. Nothing crazy happened, but it was good. We had a lot more time outside of the offices to get out and work in the area. It was awesome to get back out a work a little more. We even found 4 new investigators.

Well I’ve got good news!! I got two packages from home! The one was sent a long time ago and was actually here for a long time!!! They just passed by when someone wasn’t in the offices and so the institute had it below us for a way long time! I love the tie and the socks are way cool! The other missionaries love them to!! haha

This week I get to sleep in the mission home. Its like a mansion! haha I get to because the secretaries have to help out at the Zone conferences and we have them this week so I’m just going to sleep there and then leave early in the morning with President and the assistants.

I don’t really have a ton of work usually just right at the end of the transfer, so I have a little more time before I have a ton to do!!

We still are having wrestling matches and Elder Morales still just kills us all! hahah Maybe one day we can take him down! I’ll be sure to let you guys know when that happens! hahah

Well I love you all!! Hope this week is awesome for each of you!



Elder Cypers

4th of July

RSCN0914[1]Well I hope that everyone had a great fourth of July! It just wasn’t the same here in Mexico! But we did sing the National Anthem with President Nelson and a bunch of other American elders. It was really cool and I’m really thankful that I’m a part of such a great country.

I’m doing really good. I like working here in the offices, because we get to be with President Nelson a ton so thats really cool. He actually took us all out to dinner this week. It was cool to go out with the other secretaries, assistants, and President and his wife. 

This week has kinda been a crazy one learning all the last minute stuff that I needed to learn. On Saturday, President was in the offices and he told me that I needed to get a flight for a sister missionary that was going home on Monday early because she is really sick. So I was scrambling and calling fight agents and trying to get her a flight for Monday. Well I finally found one for her. Then President told me and Elder Miles that he didn’t want her traveling alone to Mexico City and through the airport. So Monday morning at 3 in the morning we left with her and took a two and a half hour bus ride to Mexico City so we could help her get on a plane. Then we took the bus back to Puebla and when we got back we went right to the welcoming of the new missionaries. I gave a presentation and then we trained them for a couple hours. After I had to take another missionary to the bus station to take a bus to the airport again because he finally got his visa so now he is headed to his real mission. I didn’t take him the the airport, just the bus station. Then after we went to the mission home with all the missionaries that were going home. I gave another presentation to them and then we ate dinner with all of them and President and his wife, and hung out there. We got back to our house at about 12 a.m. So I really haven’t gotten a lot of sleep these past two days but its been really fun and I’m really enjoying it! 


Elder Cypers