Office Life


Well this week feels like it went by super fast, but at the same time it feels like it went by super slow! haha I’ve been learning the ropes here in the office. Its pretty easy stuff I’ve just got a lot to do and have to do it or else someone could not get home! haha Right now I have four companions. In total there are 3 secretaries and we are all companions, but right now we are being trained by the current secretaries so we can take their places next week when the transfers happen. So I’m with Elder Miles(Idaho), Elder Sá(Brazil), Elder Morales(Mexico) and Elder Perez(Mexico). We work in the office until about 6 at night then we go work until 9. We live in our own apartment, its really cool and big. It has three bathrooms so we get ready super fast even with 5 people in the same house. We also play darts with a huge map of Mexico and have a contest to see who can get closest to the place that we say. 

This week was really cool. We worked and I learned a lot about my new job. I learned how to buy flights, and to order materials. I also learned how to get the stuff ready for the people that are going to leave. We also had an open house at the church this week. It was really cool and really well set up. It was my companions and three other companionships. Another Elder and I had the opportunity to work in the baptismal font area. We were in our baptism clothes and we gave a small presentation. It was really cool and we found some people that were really interested in the church. This week we also worked a lot with the ward. We had a huge family home evening with ward members and our investigators this week. It was really cool. We did the example of the Atonement and the push ups. If you’ve never heard of that I really suggest that you look that up on the internet!!

Also I bought a package of cookies in the tienda (store) down the street. Well I opened it and inside it said that I won a free pack of cookies. Well I went back and got one and inside this one I got the same thing. Well I’ve got 4 packages for free so far and I still have a coupon to go get another. Haha I just keep winning!! 

I love you all!!! 

Elder Cypers


Crazy Week


I’m doing great! I had a super busy day. Well I’m not district leader anymore. That’s why today was pretty stressful. President Called me this last Saturday and told me that I had special changes that took place today. The reason that this happened is that the president actually called me to be one of his secretaries that work in the offices. Its really cool, its a huge responsibility that I have right now too. I deal with all the packages, plane tickets for people leaving and coming, and all the materials of the mission. I’m super excited for this opportunity to work with president and the assistants and all the other secretaries! Its super cool. Right now I have 4 companions! We all live in the same house too. Tonight will be my first night here. I came two weeks early before transfers so that I can train in time for the next changes. I’ll be here for about 3 or 4 changes so about 5 months. Crazy huh?

Well before this all happened, I was still in Hueyotlipan and Elder Gutierrez was still sick so we went to the doctor and they gave him some shots and I had to give them to him in the butt. I was super sacred that I was going to hurt him or something. I think it went good though!! hahaha 

Well I love you all!!! 

Elder Cypers

Sick Week


Well not much happened this week, so this email is probably going to be a little short! haha Well to start off, my umbrella got destroyed so I had to buy a new one before the next rain storm or I was a goner for sure! 


We went to a comida (food) appointment and we ate lots of stuff. The gave us tons of cake and other foods and it was awesome until about 8 that night. Something we ate came back and just gave us the KO! haha We were hating it for a while, but then we went to bed. When I woke up my companion was still super sick. We stayed in the house all day and then I made him leave to go to lunch cause I was super hungry and then he just threw up after lunch. So we went back home and hung out in the house. He slept all day and I watched Meet the Mormons and took a nap and tried to find something to entertain myself all day!! 


Well I love it here and all the experiences that I’ve had and my testimony that is growing!! Love you all!!

Elder Cypers

Pizza with Ketchup

How are you doing? I’m doing really good!! I’m loving it and working hard. Each day gets better and better. Of course there are hard times but I really enjoy all of it! I’m liking the district leader thing. President Nelson talked to me and said that this will help me prepare for future leadership positions in the mission. So that’s pretty cool. He says that he really thinks highly of me and I’m super glad he is my president! This week was pretty uneventful to be honest.

Well I hope everyone is doing awesome!! I’m loving it here and I really starting to like the music here. haha This week was a pretty normal week and we just worked really hard!! We are having a lot of success in this area and I’m super excited for all the people that have a baptism date lined up. I’m always having to defend my beliefs and this church out here, but I love it because it only strengthens my testimony! 


This week we ordered a pizza at night at it was a lot bigger than we thought it was going to be so we ate it for dinner and breakfast and more breakfast! haha It was pretty good though!! Ever tried eating pizza with ketchup on it? Well that’s what they do here and I’ve got to say that I’m a fan! I really like it! hahah 

We also asked some police to take a picture with us with their guns and stuff! hahaha 


Love you all!!! 

Elder Cypers

Working Hard in Puebla


Hey everyone! I hope that you guys had a great week. Crazy to think that a year ago I graduated and to think that I’ve been out on my mission for nearly a year! Time flies by… I love every minute here. The people, the food, the language, and the gospel. 


Well not a ton happened this week. We had a baptism. Her name is Viridiana and I had the opportunity to baptize her. The water was actually warm this time so that was super awesome!!  Elder Gutierrez and I are working really hard and we have a lot ready to be baptized. We found a new investigator this week and she is awesome and will be baptized I’m pretty sure!  This week was a different one for sure. We had tons of meetings and we also had a health conference. It was really good. Hahah guess what? The sisters in our mission have to wear pants now because of the mosquitos. Its pretty funny cause I’m pretty sure none of them want to and its going to be super weird.

Well some of my responsibilities as district leader are: Call all the companionships in my district every night to help them set goals and help them to work harder and do things a little better. I also have to give a meeting every week too. And last I get to do baptism interviews too. Speaking of which I did my first this week and it was super hard. Not because I was scared or anything, she just didn’t do good in the interview. She didn’t pass… But the missionaries are going to keep working with her so she will be baptized.

Well I know that school just got out and that summer has officially started! So I just want to say HAGS hahahhaha Love you all!!! 

Elder Cypers