Mission Life

Mexico Puebla North Mission – April 2016








I’m doing super good!  It’s definitely different being able to speak in English in the house and in the streets!!  Me and Elder Alba work really well together and are getting along great and have been working really hard. This area is a little bit harder than the last, but we are still having success.   

My apartment isn’t as good as the last one that I had, but its pretty big! It’s always super hot too. So we sleep with the windows open and a fan going to keep it cool. My new area is different because it’s in the city. There are a ton of stores and restaurants and other things. And we take buses now too! I really like it. My new area is about an hour away from my last area. The ward is about the same size and the people are super awesome!! My first week at church they asked me to speak in sacrament meeting next week. I’ve started eating fruit with yogurt in the mornings and I really like it! hahah 

This week we went to a training meeting with the president and some other people. It was really cool and I learned quite a lot! Then last night we had a fireside with President Nelson, other missionaries, converts and investigators. It was really cool to hear the testimonies of the converts. This week we have a zone conference. 


This morning we left our house and went to play basketball and there was white stuff all over the ground outside and it looked like it had snowed a little because it was on everything. Well come to find out that last night the volcano erupted and there is tons of ash everywhere. Its pretty crazy!! One member said this was the biggest eruption that he has ever seen. He said it erupted about 3000 feet in the air!! Crazy huh? Well now I can say that I survived a volcanic eruption!! hahah So there is tons of ash here and we played basketball on an ashy court! I can also feel it in my mouth! Super gross! hahah I Love it here!!!! 


Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano – Monday, April 18, 2016

Love you all and hope you have an awesome week!!! 

Elder Cypers


Well I hope that everyone had a great week!! I had an awesome one and I learned a lot this week. I learned a lot about the importance of Faith and patience. Well it was my last week in my area and it was super sad to leave all of my friends I’ve made there, but it was time for a change as well.   


This week was really just awesome! We ended up having four baptisms! One of them was an old man that came to church randomly and we started teaching him. It was super cool and he is 81 years old. Then we had a set of twins we baptized and another teenage girl. I got to baptize two of them and my companion baptized two as well. It was really spiritual and such a good week. I was super stressed for one of them because the girl didn’t show up on her date to be baptized but she didn’t make it home on time so we baptized her before church on Sunday and then confirmed her.  The work is moving along great! 

I had transfers this week.  Before transfers, I was in the country, and I’m now right in the city of Puebla. My new companion is Elder Alba and he is from Eagle Mountain Utah!! 

I’m doing super good and I’m loving it! It was sad to leave this morning and head to a new area, but I know there are more people for me to teach here!

I hope everyone has an awesome week! Love you all!!!

Elder Cypers

Last Week in Tezoquipan


Well how is everyone? I’m doing awesome!  This week was really good for me. We worked super hard and had tons of success!! We had at least 6 lessons every day so that was super cool. I hope that everyone enjoyed conference and that everyone learned something. This time, conference was a little different. It was a little weird to watch the people talking and the words not lining up with there mouth and hearing Spanish. haha I had to pay extra attention to what was being said, cause if not I would miss things.

Well I had my first dream that I could remember in Spanish this week. I was with Braden Bingham and I was speaking Spanish and he didn’t understand me and then he spoke in his language and I didn’t understand him. hahah

Well I have changes this week and I think that I will be changing areas. I have had a ton of time here and I love the people that I’m serving. I will end this transfer with a bang and will have 4 baptisms this week that I’m way excited about! 


This week we were in a lesson and there were chickens in the tree above us and one pooped and it almost got me and my companion. Then the whole rest of the lesson we were worried that they were just going to starting raining down on us!! hahah Well I hope everyone has a great week!! I love you all!! 

Love Elder Cypers

Easter 2016


Well I hope that everyone had an awesome Easter! It’s such a special time of year when we have the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifice that our Savior Jesus Christ made for us. Because of this grand act of love we all have the opportunity to return and live in the presence of our loving Heavenly Father and our earthly families for eternity! 

The ward here is really good! We have like 80 people that come each week and I have some pretty good friends in the ward.  Today,  P day we cleaned, wrote letters and washed clothes.  We also played soccer with the kids in the ward for 3 hours.  Sometimes on P day, I get to take a nap as well;)

The work here is great! I’m sad for the end of this transfer because I know I’ll have changes, but for now I’ll have 3 for sure baptisms before the end and maybe even 4! We found a family by accident and they turned out to be less actives and they said that we were put in their paths for a reason. One of their daughters isn’t a member and she now has a baptism date. We taught them for the first time yesterday the whole family and we gave their daughters a Books of Mormon and it was such a cool experience. They looked at them like they were gold. That made me stop and think about how much this book means to me and the truth found in the pages therein. I LOVE the comfort I get when I read, for the answers I can receive and for the love of God I can feel! 

Well I love you all and hope you had a great week!

Love Elder Cypers