Well this week was a good one for sure!!! This week started out great and ended even better! We had a Zone Conference this week that was super good! President Nelson talked about obedience and his wife Hermana Nelson gave an awesome talk as well. Everyone can improve in different areas in their lives and I learned something that I could improve on as well.


Well we had our baptism this week. And it was an awesome experience! I loved it! She asked me to baptize her and it was the first one that I’ve been able to do here on the mission. The water was freezing, but it was such a spiritual experience for everyone. She was crying after and told us thank you. I could see how the gospel can help people and bring happiness into their lives. 


Well I hope that everyone has a great week and everyone is safe. I love you all! Thanks for all that you do!! 

Love Elder Cypers


Working Hard


Well I hope that everyone had a great week! My week was great and I love being a missionary. This week started out a little rough, we couldn’t find anyone to teach and our appointments were falling through, but there is a lesson that can be learned in all things, and I learned to just keep working hard. 

I can’t believe that it’s already been 6 months out here! The time is flying by out here, but I can honestly say that this has helped me, become a better man, learn to love, develop my testimony, and Im having a great time! 

We have an investigator that we have been working with really hard. This week we passed by her house and she was sick. She was having terrible chest pains and had went to the doctor and they didnt know what was wrong, because everything came back clear. Well her family asked if we could give her a blessing. So we did and we explained that faith was needed not only from us, but from her and her family as well. Well she came to church Sunday fine and everything was better. I know that priesthood power is real and can bless lives. I am super excited to report that she will also be baptized this Saturday! 

Well I hope everyone is doing awesome! I love you all!!! 

Elder Cypers

Milagros (Miracles)


Well this week was awesome! Got my new Companion this week, Elder Diaz and we get along great! He works hard, and enjoys it as well. I’m glad that I have someone who likes to work. That’s all I can ask for.

I had an awesome experience this week as I testified of the Book Of Mormon, I felt the spirit so strong and I knew that it was true. It was just a small thing, but something big for me! 

We have tons of investigators and a lot of them are progressing. It’s awesome to see results of our work here after so much time. I’m so excited for these people, because some of them I’ve been teaching since I’ve been here. 


One miracle happened this week! We were at church and a guy walked in that we had never seen. Then the bishop came in and took us out and told us about the man that he had just gotten to know 5 minutes earlier. Well this man had heard of the Church from some friends and in the morning he took a shower, put on his suit, and then asked someone where the nearest mormon church was. Then he came. The Lord prepares people for this work. I have a testimony of that and have seen that since I got here. We have a lesson with him this week and it should be awesome and we plan to baptize him this transfer. 

Well I hope everyone is doing good! Love you all!!

Love ELder Cypers

Transfer Week

Well I hope that everyone has had a great week and that you are all doing good. This week for me was super good! We found two new investigators and they are awesome! They read and pray and follow through with all of their commitments.  One investigator also gave us a giant pinecone for a gift. I’m not sure why… but I actually kind of like it. It sits on my desk.


I was super nervous this week because I didn’t want to be transferred because of all of the people we have ready for baptisms in March.  Well, I got the call and I will be staying here, so I couldn’t be more happy. However, I will be getting a new companion this week. His name is Elder Diaz from the Dominican Republic. I heard he is a good missionary so I’m very excited.

We did some service this week and it was ¨CRAPPY¨. We actually shoveled cow poop for 6 hours. It smelled just like Hooper/Plain City! haha I felt like I was at home. After we got done we were messing around with a rope and I kept roping my companion because he didn’t like it and it was super funny. So one time he started to run away from me so I chased him and I roped him, but when I did I caught like half of his body and only caught his arm and leg and he biffed it super hard! haha


Well the strange things I ate this week are corn ice cream and after you milk a cow, you know the stuff that settles on the top, the cream. Well they eat that on bread with sugar, and it looks awful, but it tastes pretty good!

Well the work is good, the gospel is true and I love you all!

Hope that all of your wildest dreams come true! – Napoleon Dynamite! 


Elder Cypers