February 2016 Conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks


Mexico Puebla North Missionaries


Elder Estrada & Elder Oaks


Elder Cypers & Elder Oaks

Candid Shots of Elder Cypers & Elder Estrada


Dallin H Oaks


Well this week was really good! We started the week out great and found tons of new investigators. We even found some people that are ready for baptism, the only thing is they just need to come to church 5 times and we can baptize them. I’ll probably be transferred before they get baptized, so thats a bummer. Transfers are next week and I’m almost pretty sure I’ll be transferred since I’ve been here for 3 changes, but the max is 4 changes. So there is a possibility that I could stay as well! 


On Friday, we went to Puebla and stayed overnight in a house with some other missionaries because we had to be in Puebla early the next morning. The house we stayed at had a total of seven missionaries staying there that night, so it was way fun. We pushed two bunk beds together and had a huge bed on top and bottom and three slept on top and three of us on bottom and one on the floor. I got stuck in the middle so that kind of sucked! haha 


Well we had to be in Puebla early because we had a conference with Dallin H. Oaks, and Whitney L. Clayton of the Seventy, as well as some other members of the Seventy. It was really awesome and we even got to shake their hands. They even all pronounced my name right. That is probably the first time since I’ve been here! haha

Elder Oaks is super funny too! He had us all laughing the whole time! Well I hope that everyone had an awesome week! Love you all!!

Love Elder Cypers


Well this week was pretty good! We had tons of lessons this week and found 5 new investigators. There is always work to do and I’m glad that I’m a part of this work. I love every minute of it! The Spanish is getting so much better daily and I’m understand almost everything. Thats so crazy that I can speak this well in only 5 months! That’s another thing, I can’t believe that its been 5 months here in the field.

Well we taught a lesson in a small town and got stranded again without any way to get back. That’s the second time, you would have thought we would have learned the first time! haha

We had stake conference in our stake this week. It’s weird that the stakes are so big here. there were two different sessions with the same talks because they had to split up the stake into two sessions. President Nelson, my Mission President gave a talk as well. Something that really stuck out to me in his talk was when he talked about how he deepened his testimony of the Restoration and of Joseph Smith. So I’m going to do what he did and read Joseph Smith History every week I’m out here so that I can really gain a greater testimony of that.

Some of our baptism dates fell through this week because people didn’t come to stake conference, but we had one lady come with us, so that was good. 

We got up early this morning and went to Cholula. There is a pyramid with the old Nephite temple! It was so cool, and I took a bunch of pictures!! We even got to walk through the inside of the pyramid and climb the stairs on the front part! It’s really weird because almost all of the temple is underneath a mountain and the Catholics built a church right on top of the pyramid!  It was really so cool!!!

I haven’t eaten anything too weird, but something I really like is called Longaniza. It’s pretty much the stuff that Raudel Arteaga cooks on the garbage can lid. 

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Cypers


Well this week was pretty good down here in Tlaxcala Mexico! Here in Tlaxcala during the whole month of February, its pretty much just a huge party!! Everyone dances in the street and its just another reason for everyone to get drunk. Everyone wears masks and costumes and carries around swords. I’m not sure why, but they do. 


Well this week after we went on our hike, the next few days were awful because we could barely walk because we were so sore!!! hahah We started playing a game and we would punch each other in the legs when the other wasn’t looking! It was so funny, but it hurt so bad!! 


I had my first baptism here on the mission this week! It was an awesome experience and I loved it! I’ll add pics. The bishop baptized him and I had the opportunity to confirm him in sacrament the next week. I was so scared and I was practicing all morning before, but I made it through it and it was good. My Spanish is getting better and better each day and I’m truly blessed to be here in Mexico. I Love you all and hope you have a great week. 

Also here is a pic of me and Elder Becky. He went to Weber and we graduated the same year and played football against each other, and he is also one of the funniest people I’ve ever met!!


Everything is going good here and it’s super hot! I even have a Sun Burn!

Love you all!!

Love Elder Cypers


Hows it going? This week was great! My companion, Elder Estrada has been out for 15 months and is an awesome guy! We get along together great and teach well. We have two baptisms for this Saturday and Sunday. The one scheduled for Sunday, is a miracle and I’m excited for this person. We have been teaching him for a long time.

Well we climbing the Volcano today and it was sweet. We got to the top in 3 and a half hours and then it only took us and 1 hour to get down. We hiked up and stood on the very peak. It was awesome!!! 

We got stranded in an area this week and had to call someone to come and pick us up. We taught a lady but we didn’t know that the last bus in that area was at eight and we ended the lesson at 8:45 so that was a problem, but everything worked out! We have tons of lessons lined up everyday and we teach a lot of people. 

Also, we had to help some Elders fill the font with water from buckets and it took forever!!!

Love you all!!!

Elder Cypers

México Puebla Norte