New Companion


Well this week was awesome here in Mexico! I got my new companion and his name is Elder Estrada. He is really cool and we get along great. His teaching style is different than Elder Rodriguez so it has taken some getting used to, but once we figured that out we had an awesome week. We worked hard this week and it definitely paid off! We found 9 new investigators this week. We also have a baptism for February 6 that’s for sure! 


We actually had some help from the ward this week which was a first and had 3 investigators at church again. We taught one family that are members after we ate one day, and found out that their daughter wasn’t a member so we turned our attention to her and taught her. The spirit was so strong and the whole family was crying. She is a great investigator and will progress great.

We had a training broadcast this week with all the missionaries in the world. We learned how to better find people to teach and it was great. They separated the Americans and the Latinos so we could watch it in English, but the English channel didn’t work so we had to watch it in Spanish anyways! haha We also found out an Apostle is coming to our mission to talk to us! We don’t know who, but it will be on the 20 of February so I’m pretty excited! 

We ate grasshoppers this week too! I actually liked them! haha


Also, we are going to hike a volcano next week! Don’t worry, the one we are hiking isn’t active!


Love you all!!!

Elder Cypers

México Puebla Norte 


Cold Cold Cold!


Well this week was pretty good! We went on splits with the Zone Leaders and found tons of new people to teach and found 3 new investigators in about two hours. We get more and more work to do every week and I love it! The Spanish is coming along awesome too! It has actually been pretty cold this week and there is snow on the volcano. I have worn a sweater almost every day this week. 

I have transfers this week and I’ll be staying here in San Jorge Tezoquipan. Elder Rodriguez is leaving and I’ll be getting someone new. The way that they do transfers has changed and so now you just get on a bus and head right to your new area and meet your new companion there. I’ll miss the transfer meetings for sure, but there is a reason for everything.


I had to eat pig skin soup, which was terrible by the way!! It was just huge chunks of skin and it still had hair on it! I really almost threw up! haha We played soccer with the young men in our ward. They always make me look so bad!! haha

Well I love you all… thanks for everything!!!

Love Elder Cypers

Feliz Dia de los Reyes Magos


Well I hope everyone is doing great! This week was Dia de los Reyes Magos! It’s kinda like Christmas. The little kids have balloons and they tie a letter to it with the things they want and let it go. The Reyes are the Wise Men in the nativity and they bring them presents. They also have a bread that they eat and its called Rosca. Inside it has little toy babies, and if you cut it and your piece has one of the babies in it you have to buy tamales for everyone there. Well with my luck, I got 4 of the little babies! haha

This week was pretty great! We finally had some people show up to church. We had a total of 5 investigators come to church. We also have one that has a date for baptism on February 6.  I’m pretty excited for that! 

So we were teaching a lesson the other day, and when it was over and we were getting ready to leave, the lady asked me if I could give her daughter a blessing. They are members by the way. So I gave her one in Spanish and it was my first in Spanish, and was kinda rough but I got through it.  

We also have this one lady we are teaching that is kinda old, and super stubborn! We have a person who was a seventy in our ward and he came with us to teach her, cause we were having problems with her. She had a hard time accepting that the Book of Mormon was another Testament of Christ, but after she read it she said “Wow this book is awesome!” (you don’t say) Anyways she says she knows it’s true but won’t be baptized because she says she feels content in her church and her baptism is enough. The seventy got real heated and told her that her baptism wasn’t valid and to take the Book of Mormon to her preacher and have him read it. haha it was pretty funny! Hopefully she´ll realize the importance of this soon!

Bought a Rubik’s Cube and finished it in 1:10 secs in case you were wondering! haha

Well I love you all, and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Cypers

Happy New Year


Well how’s everyone doing? Everything here in Mexico is going great! Our New Years Eve was pretty wild! We stayed up till 9 pm and drank some milk and had a few cookies. haha! We had to be back in our house by 7 pm because the Mexican people love to drink, and when they are drunk for some reason they really want to talk to white people, and it just so happens that I’m white! So they always try to get me to come over and talk to them and when we don’t, they usually yell a few naughty words at us instead and then we are on our way. haha!

Well this week we had splits with other Elders in our district so my companion, Elder Rodriguez could see how they were doing. So he left for a day and another Elder came with me. At first I was pretty scared because I was going to have to do everything on my own and find all the places. Well once we got started it wasn’t bad at all. I got us 6 lessons in one day and one new investigator. I was pretty excited about that and it was a big confidence booster as well. 


We had two investigators come to church this week so that was pretty cool. We have been teaching tons and we have been getting a new investigator about every week. We should start having more come to church now, because a lot couldn’t come in the month of December because of vacations and different things. I bet you are all enjoying the cold as I enjoy the 70 degree weather here.   

We were talking to this one guy and he was trying to get a bike unlocked from a pole and couldn’t get it. He was trying a bunch of different combos and finally he got it and as soon as he got it undone he took off, so we are pretty sure he stole it. haha!

Also I figured out how to finish the Rubik’s Cube and now my life is complete!!! haha! My record is 1 minute 39 seconds, so I might just go pro in this when I get home. 😉

Well I love you all, and thank you for all the prayers and all you do in my behalf! I hope you all have a great year! 

Love Elder Cypers

1st Christmas Skype Call


It was such a blessing to be able to talk with Colton on Christmas Day.  He is doing so well and really loving his mission and the people in Puebla.  He bore his testimony to us in Spanish, and he is doing so well.  I am so proud of him and how hard he has been working to learn the Spanish language.  Speaking to him on Christmas was the best present that our family could have received.