Merry Christmas


Well how’s everyone doing? How was christmas? My christmas was great! On Christmas Eve we had a Zone christmas conference. We played tons of games and ate lots of food, sang songs, and ended with a spiritual meeting. It was awesome! That took up most of our day from about 9-6. When we got back home we were invited to go to some members houses and we ate even more food with them. I’ve never been so full in my life! hahah We ate lots of shrimp at both places so I guess that’s a christmas thing here to eat shrimp. We broke pinatas and just had a great time! We even made a breakfast casserole in honor of my moms that she makes every christmas!



In the morning we woke up and we open our presents. I got a jersey, a tie, a scarf from my companions family and some things from my family!


After we studied and then my whole mission got to do service from 9-1! We mowed a lawn and did inventory at a pharmacy down the road. Then we ate even more food. haha After I got to talk to my family! It was so awesome to hear and see them! They are all doing so great! Made my christmas just to talk to them!!!!! This christmas was different, but I really enjoyed it! I was super happy! 

Spanish is coming along great and Im getting better and better each day. Thanks for all that you do for me and the prayers on my behalf. I Love you all and I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Talk to you soon!


Elder Cypers


Christmas 2015

Well I’m writing on Tuesday instead of Monday because yesterday the Internet was down and we couldn’t write at all! Well I can’t believe that it’s already christmas… Time is flying by!


We had a new investigator this week and taught him three lessons just this week! We invited him to come to church and he said he was going to come and we waited for him, but he never showed up. We have tons of investigators, but nobody will come to church! Its super hard! We haven’t had one person come since I got here! Well I went on a spilt with the zone leaders and we were walking and a guy stopped us and asked if we could teach him. We went back to his house and taught him. He got way emotional and said he had this feeling inside of him and said that god put us in his path that day and he really needed that in his life right now. It was a way cool experience! Too bad I won’t know how the rest of it goes cause it’s not in my area. Also I had to eat a big plate of papaya the other day and I hate it! Its got a good first taste then after it tastes like vomit! Its awful!

I had a zone activity yesterday and played white elephant and I got some chocolate cover marshmallows. The latino elders didn’t understand the game and got super mad when someone would take their gift! Super funny! haha!!!

So we had correlation meeting with the ward and we showed up and nobody was there, not even the ward mission leader. So we set it up for the next day and when we showed up it was the same thing. I was a little mad about that! Well I hope everyone has a great christmas! Love you all and Ill talk to you soon!!! 

Love Elder Cypers


Dear Family and Friends,

How was your week? Mine here was really good! I had the opportunity to go the the dedication of the new Tijuana Mexico Temple. I really love the temple and challenge everyone to go every chance that you get to feel the special spirit that is there.

We have been teaching a working hard especially with that other area we have now. We have like 15 investigators we are teaching right now. We even found and taught a new family in the park the other night. It was such a cool experience and one that I’ll never forget! 

So we had this reference that we got and we took a member with us to teach this lady. The member just recently returned from a mission too. So we went to this the store that the lady owns and started teaching her in the store. She got all mad and started saying the Catholics and the Mormons had the same gospel. The member started arguing with her and telling her it wasn’t the same or if it was it would just be one big church. She was convinced it was. Anyways right in the middle of these two arguing, the member says, if you give us that three litter coke right now we will leave you alone. So we got a free three litter coke and went back to the members house and drank the coke! hahah 

On Saturday we were doing service for a lady in the ward. We had our street clothes on because we were working outside. Anyways, during our service two Jehovahs Witnesses came up and tried to teach the lady. She kept saying no and finally she said, let me introduce to you the missionaries. We turned around and told them hi and then they got all embarrassed and left!! Super funny…

Me and Elder Rodriguez made a fireplace and Christmas stockings too! Got my creative talent from my dad I guess! 


I want to share a part of this months message from the Prophet about Christmas.

 “As we exchange gifts at Christmas, may we remember, appreciate, and recieve that greatest gift of all gifts- the gift of our Savior and Redeemer, that we might have eternal life.”

I hope everyone remembers the real reason behind Christmas and has a great holiday season! Thanks for all the prayers and love that is sent my way! I love you all! 

Love Elder Cypers

México Puebla Norte 


RSCN0239[1]This week had its ups and downs but each day and week is getting better for sure. My mission president has really been helping me and giving me advice and praying for me a lot and I’m doing better each day!

Well, this transfer is over and a new one is starting! I’m staying here in Tezoquipan with Elder Rodriguez. So our area got two times bigger this week too. They took out the sisters in the area next to ours and added their area to ours so now its huge! I guess we just have a lot of work to do. 

Well we had an adventure this week! Our toilet got clogged! My companion said that if we put coke in there that it would fix it. Well that didn’t work. We had to go to the hardware store and they gave us this stuff to put in there. It was a powder and a yellow liquid. Well that stuff was wack! First we had to take all the water out of the toilet! (super gross) Then we put in this stuff. I put in this liquid first and it just started smoking in our toilet and then my companion put in the powder and it started to boil in the toilet. Well we had to leave our house for 5 hours cause it was toxic! Long story short we had to have a plumber come and unclog it and now our bathroom floods every night! haha

We had the opportunity to go and do some service at the hospital this week and feed the people outside. It was really cool to see how much this small act helped people.


Also me and my companion bought a christmas tree!  


Love you all and thanks for all the prayers on my behalf! 


    Elder Cypers

México Puebla Norte 


Well first I want to start off and tell you how I’ve felt this week. This week has been the best week I’ve had since Ive been here. I loved this week! At the start of this past week I asked my companion for a blessing and that helped a lot! Also we had a meeting for the trainers so I had to go and I asked President Neilson if I could just talk with him for a little bit. He talked to me and gave me some great words of advice and we prayed together. I feel the love that he has for me, and he is such a great man! After that I felt great too! He also told me that my Spanish is coming along great! Other missionaries told me that too. So that has been a real confidence booster!

I have truly found happiness as I have lost myself in the work of the Lord! When we started in this area, we had no investigators. Now it seems like we get a new one or two every week. We are working hard down here. We got a new investigator this week, his name is Paul and he is 22. I feel like he will be a great investigator. He already accepted baptism and our first lesson with him was on Saturday night! 

For Thanksgiving we spent the day in a Zone meeting from 10-5. It was super long, but it was good to learn new things that I can apply in my mission for me and the people here. We also got to eat food, so I guess you can kinda say we had Thanksgiving dinner;) haha

So we were teaching this guy this week and I asked him if he knew how God was physically. He then asked what we believe about God physically. So I told him that we believe that he has a body of flesh and bone just like us. He started like freaking out and saying God didn’t have that and that he was like this ball of floating light that lived in the Sun. He was trying to explain it to us and he was throwing his hands all over the place trying to convince us and I had to put my head down because I was laughing.

Also, I bought some new scripture cases for my Spanish scriptures with the money that I got from my grandmas for my birthday! I ordered them a long time ago but I got to personalize them and they are awesome!


I love all of you so much and hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Thanks for all the prayers and all you do on my behalf! I’ll talk to you next week!

Love Elder Cypers