Food in Mexico


Hey Everyone!

First I’m going to explain the title of my letter. At the beginning of this week I woke up on Monday night and was freezing! I even had on tons of blankets and clothes and I felt terrible! Well turns out me and my companion and some other missionaries all ate at this restaurant down the road and we all got a stomach infection from the food. And I got the worst of it! I had to go to the Doctor and get two huge shots in my butt! haha and it hurt more than you can imagine!!!  Also, they gave me some medications and now Im doing great!!

The language is still pretty hard. Sunday was the primary program for the little kids. I knew all the songs in english so I actually got to understand what was being said! haha I know that it will get better with time and with the help of the Lord. I can see that as I continue to learn more and more each week. 

I went on exchanges this past week with another guy and he speaks no english too. But he’s super funny and we had a great time! He took a grasshopper and threw it into a huge spiders net and we watched this huge spider wrap it up and eat it! I got a picture of a similar spider near my house.  


When it rains, it rains hard here! It comes down so hard that the streets flood with 4 to 5 inches of water in about ten minutes. Its so crazy, but it only rains for like 20 minutes and then its gone.

Spiritual thing this week is prayer. I know that prayer works! I have had so many of my prayers answered this week and I know that my Savior and Heavenly Father Live and Love me and are mindful of me out here. 

Thanks for all the prayers on my behalf, I can feel them everyday! I love you all so much, and will talk to you soon! 


Elder Cypers


One thought on “Food in Mexico

  1. Shanna Bernard says:

    Oh Colton sending lots of prayers your way! Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I enjoy reading your emails. You have such a great attitude, which in return will carry you through rough times! You are doing great and know that our family is praying for your safety and well-being . Let us all press on….love the Bernards!


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