Arriving in Puebla Mexico

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Final Week at the CCM



Hey! How’s everyone doing? This week has been another great one! Me and my companion are teaching three different Investigators a day, and our lessons this past week and have been flowing really well! Both of our Spanish has improved and the Spirit is definitely there as we teach! I got my travel plans yesterday! I leave on Monday at 5:30 am and get on a bus and head to Puebla! I’m really excited to get out and teach. It’s a bitter sweet feeling, because I have really gotten close with my companion and my other two roommates! But I know they will be great missionaries out there and we are all really excited! When we found out our travel plans me and my companion looked and we are the only two Americans that are on that bus to Puebla! I feel like my Spanish is really good right now, but we´ll just have to wait and see how good it really is during the bus ride! haha


We have had a pretty eventful week! On Saturday after gym we were all showering and getting ready! Elder Paullin (roommate) was getting ready and pulled his pants out of his closet. Well in his closet he had some IBC root-beer glass bottles. His pants caught the bottle and pulled it out and it exploded every where! At first we thought that it was just a mess we had to clean up, but then we looked down and saw Elder Paullin´s foot was gushing blood! We called the Doctor after we got the bleeding to stop and got things cleaned up! The cut was pretty deep in his foot. We could see his tendons moving when he moved his toes! It was really cool! He´s all good now, after three stitches he was good to go! The Doc said they have gotten pretty familiar with Casa 37 where we live! haha because my companion was really sick, another was really sick, one had to go to the hospital because he was so sick and now Elder Paullin, so I guess you could say that we are pretty famous!


This morning we played soccer with about 25 other missionaries and it was so fun! I had one goal and the coolest part was when I crossed the ball to Elder Avery and then he headed the ball in for the goal! Everyone started freaking out and we just started running all over the place! It was so funny!


Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts on my behalf! I pray for you all everyday! Love you guys and next time you hear from me I’ll be in Puebla!

Love Ya

Elder Cypers

Greetings from Mexico

Colton MTC Week 4_3

Wow the days are flying by here! I can´t believe that I´m almost done in the MTC!! Im just itching to get out and start to teach! We have a lot of fun here! We go so hard in volleyball! Our district is unstoppable! My mom sent me a soccer ball! I’m pretty stoked about that. I need to work on my skills if I want to compete with the fellas here! haha

Typical day in the MTC goes like this… Wake up at 6:30, and have to be in our classroom studying till 7:45 then we eat breakfast. After we eat breakfast we have gym time and then have to be back in class at 9:45. From then till lunch at 12:45 we teach investigators, and study the language! Then after lunch we have personal study time and then at 3:15 more investigator teaching and language study till dinner at 6:15 then from 7 to 8 we teach more investigators and from 8 to 9 we do more language study and then from 9 to 9:30 we plan, and then we have to be back to our house at 9:30 and lights out at 10:30. Its getting pretty boring so I can´t wait to get out and get into the field!

MTC Week 4

The Spanish is coming along pretty good! We set a goal as a district to only speak spanish! Its so hard, but it’s working for sure! Everyday I learn more phrases and about 30-40 new vocabulary words and verbs. I know that I wouldn’t be able to do this without the help of my Heavenly Father! I know he’s always here and looking out for me!! I realized how strong of a testimony that I have as I taught the lesson of the Restoration this week! I can´t wait to share this knowledge with the people of Puebla!

We got to go to the Temple again today! I love it there and I can always feel the spirit!

Mexico City Temple 10_2015

Mexcio City Temple 10_2015

Colton MTC 10_2015 1

Same thing happens each day so not to much has been going on! We went to a devotional and the topic was Stay on Target (Star Wars) I know that If i stay on target and always remember that God is always with me, I can accomplish anything! 

Love you all, and I am so grateful for each of you in my Life!! Much love…

Elder Cypers

Photos of Elder Cypers

The photos below were posted on Missionary Mommas Facebook page by another missionary’s mom.  One of Colton’s friends moms notified me that they were on there.  It is so fun to see him and all of the missionaries that he is serving with.

IMG_7623 IMG_7624 IMG_7653

Week 3 Mexico CCM

Well this week has been interesting! 

To start off my companion was really sick at the beginning of this week! I got to give him a blessing which was really cool. He’s doing good now, but for a while there, he couldn’t keep anything down! He even pooped the bed one night while we were all asleep, but luckily he had it cleaned up before the morning came! Another kid in our house is in the hospital because he´s really sick so keep him in your prayers.  His name is Elder Anderson.

Conference was awesome! I learned so much and really felt the love Heavenly Father had for me as question after question was answered through the sessions! Elder Holland’s talk on mothers was not a good thing for a room full of missionaries! Everyone was crying because they missed their moms, including me! I´m so grateful for her and everything she does for me!  Another talk that I liked was when we have to ask God what we can improve on.  I prayed about it and I got my answer yesterday and it was to just have a better attitude when things go wrong.

The language was pretty tough this week! Our teachers got mad at us cause they give us so much homework to do, but the problem is, we don’t have enough time in the day to get it all done, so that was really frustrating. I prayed really hard and I got an answer that God loves me and that everything will work out.

There is this kid in our district that wants to be a bull rider after his mission so to get him prepared, people from our district jump on his back at random times and try and stay on for 8 seconds. I have yet to be able to stay on.  Only one Elder has been able to do it! haha

So the other day me and my companion were called into the President´s office! We were scared and had to think if we´d done anything to get in trouble, haha!!!  But when we got there, he called me and my companion to be Zone Leaders! Im excited for this opportunity to serve!

Cage soccer here is pretty hype! I’m getting pretty good at mastering the soccer ball! I scored two goals the other day, and held the record for the day!

We got out of the MTC again today we had to go to downtown Mexico to immigration and finish all of our stuff to stay here in Mexico.  I got some pretty cool pictures! 

Week 3 Mexico City 2

Week 3 Mexico City 3

Week 3 Mexico City

Love and miss all of you! Talk to you next week!!

Elder Cypers