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Wow I can´t believe that its already been two weeks! The first couple of days were the longest of my life and now they days are flying by! This week has been awesome! I’m still teaching the Spanish investigators! This week we had two to teach and they both happen to be my teachers! haha

I had the opportunity to go to the temple today! It was such a cool experience to be able to do a session here. I love Mexico! It was nice to be able to get outside the walls of the MTC for a little while and see more of the city! Its crazy out there! This morning we passed a bus that was so crowded that people were hanging out the doors and on the side of the bus just to get a ride! The streets are nuts! People drive so close to each other and then there are people who will just cross the streets anywhere! Motorcycles just drive up between cars and stuff too! Craziest stuff I´ve seen! There are also just stray dogs that roam the streets! 

Week 2 Temple

Week 2 Temple 2

We had the opportunity to be able to attend Richard G Scotts funeral via the internet yesterday! It was such a spiritual experience and I´m glad I got to be a part of it! We watched the Testaments on Sunday night and I felt the spirit and the love Christ has for me really strong! 

The Spanish is coming along great! I can understand what the teachers are saying and know what I am reading now! Its amazing to see the hand of the Lord in my life right now! 

Some crazy things happen here too! haha We can hear gunshots that go off in the night and throughout the day! Pretty used to it by now! The food is getting better, either that or I´m just used to crappy food haha! The other night when we would flush the toilet the water kept coming back black and when my companion was showering the water came out blood red with chunky stuff in it! haha

I get along great with my Comp and my roommates Elder Paullin and Elder Robins! We still kill in volleyball too! We have gotten so close and do everything together! Definitely grateful for these guys in my life! 

Thanks so much for the prayers on my behalf I can feel of them and the love that has been sent my way! Love you all and Ill talk to you next week!!

Elder Cypers


First Week in the CCM


Wow this week has been crazy!! When I got on the plane to come to Mexico it was raining, when I got off, it was raining in Mexico! It rained the first couple of nights I was here, and it rains hard here!  When I got off the plane we had to wait in the customs line so they could check our visas and passport.  We waited in that line for about two hours! It was so long! Then we got on the bus that took us to the CCM it was about a 45 min drive from the airport. I got to see a lot of the city from the drive! They use about every inch of space they can find! Everything is so packed here and I love it! I made some pretty good friends so far! My comp, Elder Eames is really cool and we get along great! and then the two who room with us Elder Paullin and Elder Robins.  They are all way cool! Elder Palluin played volleyball at Stanford so during gym time we just mess the other districts up haha. Our days pretty packed with something to do every minute, they keep us pretty busy! The food here is kinda weird! I haven´t had breakfast food for breakfast once! We eat dinner food for breakfast like tacos and stuff! The Second day I was here we had to teach an investigator named Roque in complete Spanish! Im pretty sure I slaughtered the language but it was a good learning experience for me.  The spanish is tough but I´m getting the hang of it.  I can already pray in spanish!!

So the whole time I have been here I have been waiting to feel this huge spiritual experience! And yesterday before we went in to teach an investigator I prayed that I might be able to feel the spirit! When I got in the lesson I was humbled.  I realized that I had been feeling the spirit the whole time I was just overlooking it because I was waiting for that huge feeling.  The spirit won´t always give you these big moments, but what I realized was that the spirit speaks through feelings of peace and happiness and I have felt that from the moment I got here! 

Yesterday when we were studying in our classroom and bird flew in through the window and couldnt figure out how to get out so it kept flying into the window and almost knocked itself out until Elder Paullin opened the window for the little guy! haha

I love you all and will write next week!!

 Also we had a little birthday party for me it was pretty sweet!!

Elder Cypers




Colton’s Birthday Party